Head Back To BarbieLand With The Mini BarbieLand Collection

Barbieland Image. Image credit to Mattel.
Barbieland Image. Image credit to Mattel. /

Do you miss Barbie? Did Ryan Gosling's Oscar performance of "I'm Just Ken" only transport you further into Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie's universe? Or, are you looking for a fun gift for a child? Well, look no further than Mini BarbieLand.

The miniature recreation of BarbieLand comes with various iterations of Barbies from Fashionistas (available for $2.99) to Doll and Vehicle (available for $5.99) to House Assortment, Mini Dreamhouse (available for $9.99), all of which are available in Fall 2024.

The Senior Vice President of Barbie and Global Head of Dolls, Mattel, stated,

""Barbie is at the heart of pop culture, and we're excited to meet fans where they are by offering a new mini collectible scale, empowering fans to assemble their own mini Barbie world. Barbie owns one of the most recognizable homes in the world and for the first time her entire estate has been miniaturized so Barbie can be enjoyed in a whole new way, expanding her reach to an entirely new fanbase of smaller collectors. The collection may be mini, but the infinite possibilities with Mini Barbieland allow fans of all ages to dream big.""

Krista Berger

Whether it be Barbie dolls, accessories, or Barbie's favorite Dream House, Mattel is offering a brand-new way to encourage collections of Barbie and all of her extensive careers.

So, join the excitement about the bright and colorful Barbies and embrace the excitement and joy that comes from BarbieLand.

Get excited about pink and don't let the joy surrounding Barbie's universe come to an end. Create a new section of your collection with Barbie's mini sets.

Barbieland Image. Image credit to Mattel. /

Each of the miniature products is ideal for children six years old and older. But that should not stop adults from embracing their inner child and reaching for the latest products from Mattel's varied library.

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