Halloween Horror Nights goes quiet with a whole new haunted experience

Evelyn (Emily Blunt) braves the unknown in "A Quiet Place Part II.”
Evelyn (Emily Blunt) braves the unknown in "A Quiet Place Part II.” /

Every year, Halloween Horror Nights preys on people’s fears and immerses guests in cinematic nightmares. For this year’s event, eerie silence from A Quiet Place will have people terrified to hold back their screams.

Over the years, Halloween Horror Nights has excelled with bringing horror icons and iconic movies to life. From a glimpse into the terrifying Upside Down from Stranger Things to transporting people into the Poltergeist realm, the classic scenes come alive with sights and sounds.

As fans of A Quiet Place appreciate, silence can be the ultimate protection from dire consequences. When just a cough, utterance, or even shuffle can unearth terror, there are few places to hide from that pending doom.

To bring the Abbott family’s story to life, the Universal Halloween Horror Nights creative team will employ a new concept never done before in a haunted house. The scareactors and design team will incorporate American Sign Language. Not only does this concept capture the authenticity of the movie but also adds a new sensory experience to HHN.

Anyone who has been to a HHN event appreciates that it can be sensory overload. From the fog filling the scarezones to the contrasting light and darkness around every corner, each element keeps people off center. When nothing can be predicted, the ability to frighten is heightened.

In the various haunted houses, the decibel levels are often extreme. Even though the occasional guest’s piercing scream can overshadow the music and banging, all the noise keeps heads turning and adds to the unpredictability.

By eliminating one sense, the experience will be even more terrifying. Anyone who has walked into a darkened, empty, silent room appreciates that it can cause anxiety. What is hiding in the corner? Did that noise really happen? Is there any way out?

Although guests will have to wait till the gates open and the terror is unleashed in the fall, many people will wonder how a “quiet” haunted house will work. Beyond incorporating known characters and scenes, the “silence” needs to be a part of the overall experience. No one is saying that a loud screamer will be whisked away towards a quick exit, but the hushed tones are vital to this concept.

In the movie theater silence is golden and it seems that A Quiet Place haunted house will follow that rule, too.

Halloween Horror Nights will be held at both Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood. More information on available dates, tickets, and other offers can be found online.

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