Grubhub drops a Nuka-Blast Burger Meal for Fallout fans

Grubhub is making sure you're Fallout ready with this new meal.
Grubhub x Fallout Nuka-Blast Meal. Image Credit to Grubhub.
Grubhub x Fallout Nuka-Blast Meal. Image Credit to Grubhub. /

Fallout has been a longtime fixture in the video game community and now Amazon and Grubhub are teaming up to show it even more love.

For those who don't know, Fallout was adapted into a TV series that's premiering on Amazon Prime Video on April 12th. The release comes just after the new Nuka-Blast Burger Meal on April 11th which can only be ordered in select cities via Grubhub.

Even if you can't get the Nuka-Blast Burger Meal near you, you still have the Fallout TV series to look forward to. If you're able to snag one though, you should do it as the meal sounds absolutely amazing and ideal for settling in to watch the first episode.

Aside from only being released in New York and Los Angeles, it's only available on April 11th so if you can get it, don't wait. The meal is priced at $12.00 and is limited to one per customer.

What comes in the Nuka-Blast Burger Meal?

Nuka-Blast Burger Meal Food Only
Grubhub x Fallout Nuka-Blast Meal. Image Credit to Grubhub. /

Being a fan of a game is one thing, but trying a meal from there is another story and that's where we come in. Thankfully, Grubhub shared all the juicy details with us about what is included in this exclusive meal.

The Nuka-Blast Burger Meal includes the Nuka-Blast Burger, fries, and a Nuka-Cola Victory Special Release from Jones Soda. According to the press release from the brand, the Nuka-Blast Burger "gets its distinctive heat from ingredients such as Calabrian chilis, fire-roasted jalapeño peppers, cayenne spices, and a specially crafted spicy dipping sauce made with ghost chili peppers." Clearly, you'll need those extra items to balance your palette out.

While there wasn't much said about the fries, you'll want something slightly milder to help you handle all that spice. In addition, the Nuka-Cola from Jones Soda is a peach mango soda. All in all, it seems like a solid meal for the price. If anything,it proves just how creative brands are getting with their marketing.

Fallout isn't the only Amazon x Grubhub collab, though. Amazon and Grubhub have been teaming up with "Tune In and Takeout." Basically, it's using your favorite show or one you're excited about as the basis for a meal. Some of the other shows that have gotten a meal were The Summer I Turned Pretty, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and Shotgun Wedding. Hopefully, we'll see this trend continue into the future.

Whether you're a fan of Fallout or not, there is no denying how cool this idea is and frankly, I hope other brands decide to do something similar. It's such a cool concept and a great way for viewers and foodies to get the best of both worlds.

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