Grab the newest limited-edition Kit Kat flavor: Pink Lemonade!

Don't miss this latest limited-edition drop from Kit Kat.
Kit Kat Pink Lemonade - credit: Kit Kat
Kit Kat Pink Lemonade - credit: Kit Kat /

If there is one way to make me try something, it's for Hershey's to release it. Truly, I'm a simple girl as all you have to do is give me a Hershey's product and I'm usually happy for the rest of the day.

That's why I knew I had to cover the newest limited-edition flavor from Kit Kat. To celebrate the start of the summer season, Kit Kat is dropping a unique flavor we can't help but want to take a bite out of and that's Pink Lemonade.

Pink Lemonade is such a staple drink during the summertime and something that I have fond memories of drinking as a kid. Now as an adult, all I have to do to share with my niece and nephew is break off a piece of that new Kit Kat bar.

Described by the brand as: "Classic, crisp wafers wrapped in a pink lemonade flavored creme – this new flavor delivers a refreshing taste experience with unexpected hints of strawberry." I don't know about you, but that sounds incredibly tasty and refreshing.

Kit Kat adds Pink Lemonade to its line of limited-edition releases.

Whether you're a fan of Pink Lemonade or not, there is no denying you'll want to get your hands on these. Of course, who wouldn't want to try one of these just to see what it tastes like? Honestly, that's the main reason why I'm so excited about these.

Plus I really feel like my niece and nephew will have a strong reaction to the Pink Lemonade flavor which makes it all the more fun. Thankfully, this new Kit Kat flavor will be coming out in both standard size and king size. Frankly, I feel like you can't go wrong with either size especially if you already enjoy pink lemonade.

Kit Kat Pink Lemonade joins the lineup of already tasty Kit Kat flavors including Birthday Cake, Dark, and of course, the classic Milk Chocolate. Whether you're someone who loves to try new flavors or have been craving something Pink Lemonade flavored, then you're in luck. Given how much I love Hershey's though, I don't see how these can be bad.

Kit Kat is by no means the brand's largest line of candies yet they're always delicious and that satisfying crunch is enough to make your day just a little bit brighter. Of course, I'd love to know if you're going to try this new Kit Kat Pink Lemonade flavor.

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