Girl Abroad is Elle Kennedy's love letter to London and love triangles

Girl Abroad will have you ready to book a ticket to London after reading.

Girl Abroad by Elle Kennedy. Image Credit to Bloom Books.
Girl Abroad by Elle Kennedy. Image Credit to Bloom Books. /

When one thinks of Elle Kennedy, most of us think of her Off-Campus series, and rightfully so. It is easily one of her most popular but now she’s moving to another part of the world with Girl Abroad.

After moving to Bloom Books, it truly feels like we saw a resurgence in love for Kennedy and her books. There has been a surge in popularity for her and a general demand for more stories from her.

That’s why I couldn’t have been happier to read an early copy of Girl Abroad. While the book is unlike anything we’ve seen from her yet, it does feel like there’s a lot of different avenues she can go down.

I’d like to thank Bloom Books and Elle Kennedy for putting Girl Abroad on my radar and allowing me to read an early copy.

Girl Abroad is a fun and flirty new-adult story from Elle Kennedy.

As with most Elle Kennedy stories, this one starts with a girl and this time, we’re following Abbey Bly who is the daughter of famous rockstar, Gunnar Bly. To try to get some semblance of a normal life, she agrees to study abroad in London and ends up getting an apartment with 3 roommates.

The only issue is that Abbey’s roommates aren’t girls as she imagined but rather, three different guys. While she doesn’t decide to disclose that to her father, Abbey quickly becomes a part of the group and even ends up meeting their friend group. While she’s getting her bearings, Abbey stumbles upon a portrait of an unknown woman and makes her goal to try to figure out who she is.

If that seems like a lot, it’s because it is. This is a long romance book so you need to make sure you’re buckled in for it as it’s almost 500 pages. If there’s one thing Elle Kennedy can do, it’s get you invested in the story and that’s exactly what she did here. You were curious about what was going on with Abbey while also trying to unravel the mystery of who the woman in the portrait was.

We also see Abbey have a lot of fun as a young adult including hooking up, drinking, and even, hanging out with a royal. Even though you have to suspend a little bit of disbelief for some of it, this book is truly a romp as there’s traveling, lots of going out, and even, a love triangle. All in all, it’s a lot but in the best way.

While I don’t want to give too much away, I do think Girl Abroad is one of the most fun books Elle Kennedy has ever written. I do think things wrapped up a little quick at the end just for how long the book was so my only two complaints were that the pacing felt off toward the end and it was just a little too long. I’m not the biggest fan of long books though so that’s more of a me problem.

If you’ve been craving more Elle Kennedy and aren’t the biggest hockey romance fan, I think you’ll enjoy this new chapter for her.

Girl Abroad by Elle Kennedy is out now where books are sold.

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