Get Olympics ready with the Cracker Jill Spotlight Squad

Cracker Jill is putting the spotlight on some amazing female athletes.
Study: 45% of US Teenagers Cannot Name a Professional Women's Athlete - Cracker Jack Hopes to Change That. Image Credit to Cracker Jack.
Study: 45% of US Teenagers Cannot Name a Professional Women's Athlete - Cracker Jack Hopes to Change That. Image Credit to Cracker Jack. /

Everyone knows about Cracker Jacks as a tasty baseball snack but some don't know about Cracker Jill. Used as a way to show some love to female athletes, Cracker Jill is all about the girls.

Here on Culturess, we're all about girl power and women in sports. That's why I had to share this new campaign from the brand. Created in response to a recent study conducted by Cracker Jack, this feels like a refreshing step forward.

In the study, it was shown that "Nearly 1 in 2 (45%) US teenagers cannot name a single women's professional athlete." I don't know about you, but that seems pretty sad. Given the state of women's sports right now, this feels incredibly frustrating. There are so many great female athletes out there and no, we're not just talking about Caitlin Clark although she is great!

Either way, the brand decided to do something about it especially with the Olympics coming up in July. Firstly, there's the Cracker Jill Spotlight Squad which is showing some love to 5 different female Olympians who will be on the world's biggest stage in July.

Cracker Jill is putting the focus on female athletes this summer.

Before talking about the athletes, I wanted to share one other detail. Cracker Jill is currently hosting a "Share Your Spotlight Sweepstakes." This is all about showing off more of the Cracker Jill Spotlight Squad. The press release broke down exactly what you need to do: "To enter, fans can share Spotlight Squad content from the @crackerjackofficial_ Instagram account or via an Instagram Story using both #CrackerJill and #ENTRY and tagging @crackerjackofficial_ using the proper hashtags." As you can see, it's incredibly simple.

However, the biggest impact will come for five lucky winners who will have a $10,000 donation made in their name to an organization elevating women's sports. Each winner will also receive $500 so not a bad deal for anyone involved. With the sweepstakes out of the way, let's talk about the Cracker Jill Spotlight Squad athletes.

Starting things off is Ashleigh Johnson. Johnson is representing the US on the Water Polo team and she is pushing for more diversity and equity in water aquatics. In addition, she's incredibly passionate about learn-to-swim programs in underrepresented communities. Next is Jennifer Lonzo who is a boxer and is making her mark at the Olympics as the #1 ranked boxer in the USA.

The next group of athletes includes Kennedy Blades who is a wrestler who on top of being an Olympian is also a student, Lindsey Zurbrugg who plays wheelchair basketball along with being a collegiate National Champion and is passionate about teaching kids about nutrition and lastly, Noelle Lambert. Lambert is a para track and field athlete who already has many accomplishments under her belt including setting records at the University of Massachusetts Lowell and the USA.

Aside from showcasing these great athletes, "Cracker Jack is donating $200,000 to the Women's Sports Foundation (WSF) for the third consecutive year to support WSF's mission to help girls and women play, compete, and lead – in sports and beyond – without barriers." As you can see, Cracker Jack and Cracker Jill are helping to get these athletes to the forefront. If anything, this should make you even more excited about the Summer Olympics this July.

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