FUNBOY x Hot Wheels come together for a summer collection

Looking for some summer fun? Look no further than FUNBOY x Hot Wheels.
FUNBOY x Hot Wheels Collab. Image Credit to Mattel.
FUNBOY x Hot Wheels Collab. Image Credit to Mattel. /

If there's a toy all of us have played with at one point, it's Hot Wheels. That's why I had to cover the brand's recent collaboration with FUNBOY.

While most of us think of the little cars, this is a much bigger collection and has a major focus on having fun this summer. This FUNBOY x Hot Wheels collection is all about enjoying yourself this summer and hanging out with your favorite Hot Wheels fan.

This collection includes loads of different items for using in the pool, at the beach or just enjoying the summer heat outside. In addition, there are plenty of different items to choose from at a decent pricepoint for what you're getting.

The designs for the new collection are also based on some of the classic 90's Hot Wheels designs and there is truly nothing more iconic than that.

FUNBOY x Hot Wheels have your summer planned for you.

FUNBOY, Hot Wheels
FUNBOY x Hot Wheels Collab. Image Credit to Mattel. /

While the items are aged for kids 8 years old and up, I'm sure you'll be able to help with the smaller kids who will no doubt want to use these. As for the collection, you can get a Sharkruiser Float with Water Squirter. Priced at $39.00, this is a toy that kids can ride on in the water and even go up against each other if you have more than 1. All in all, I can see a lot of splashing going on with this.

Moving onto another fun one, there is a Checkered Flame Surfboard which is a float. It is 60 inches long and priced at $34.00. I feel like this could be a great one if you're just floating in the pool or if you're planning to have a beach day with your kids. Next up are two different tubes, starting with the Checkered Flame Tube Float which keeps the classic Hot Wheels logo and will help keep you cool despite the flames.

The single tube is priced at $19.00 and then there is a Racetrack Double Tube. The Double Tube is priced at $29.00 and features two spots. Whether it's part of your next pool party or for two siblings, this is a fun one and sometimes, can be better than one. Last but not least, everyone can brush up on their bowling skills with a Checkered Flame Backyard Bowling set which features the iconic flame Hot Wheels logo. This set is inflatable and big, making it a fun game for kids and kids at heart.

All in all, this FUNBOY x Hot Wheels collection is too fun to ignore and it's something that I know that my nephew would love.

What do you think of this new FUNBOY x Hot Wheels collection? Will you be snagging something for some summer fun? Let us know!

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