From Model to Scout: Lisa Phillips is giving back

Former model and now scout Lisa Phillips is on the mission to educate on the industry dangers and safety measures in modeling.
Top Model's Unstoppabe Mindset You MUST Embrace to Succeed
Top Model's Unstoppabe Mindset You MUST Embrace to Succeed / Lisa Phillips

Former model Lisa Phillips who is currently serving as a model scout at Select Models Los Angeles, is on a mission to educate about safety measures and potential dangers in the industry for those fresh new faces who enter the field. Phillips aims to raise awareness of the risks in modeling.

"Let's face it: Young, Beautiful women are often targets for powerful, wealthy men," Phillips said. "While attraction to influence and knowledge is natural, it often comes at a high cost."

Phillips is seated on the other side as a scout where the passion aligns with promoting safety, and well-being among aspiring and established models alike.

Also, Phillips expressed the subject matter issues in reels on her Instagram handle such as the dangers faced by models in fashion, strategies to promote a safer working environment for models, the importance of mental and physical well-being in the profession, initiatives in spearheading to advocate for industry-wide safety standards.

The reels shows an example of Phillips dropping information and insight to become a model in 2024:

Another reel that Phillips explained on having a pretty face is not enough to be signed as a model and sharing why agencies look for personality than the physical appearance.

Previous reel, Phillips breaks it down more in a visual and musical presentation on what agencies look for to sign a person as a model.

In a much older reel Phillips expressed what a person should wear to the first model interview and explained not to wear too much makeup but suggested going for a natural look.

However, Phillips suggest avoiding these 3 types modeling agencies that would ask for upfront fees, shady, sketchy agents, and agencies don't have any proving bookings.

"The power dynamic can make you feel powerless, but you aren't, and women can achieve their dreams without falling into this power trap that leads to manipulation, grooming, usually unwanted advances," Philips said. "It's time to empower women to realize their potential and succeed on their own terms."

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