Fandom retailer BoxLunch partners with LGBTQ nonprofit GLAAD to celebrate Pride Month

BoxLunch is honoring Pride Month with a campaign for GLAAD.
BoxLunch Partners with GLAAD for Pride Month Donation Campaign. Image Credit to BoxLunch.
BoxLunch Partners with GLAAD for Pride Month Donation Campaign. Image Credit to BoxLunch. /

Pride Month is here, and the retailer BoxLunch has partnered with the LGBTQ organization GLAAD to promote advocacy, allyship, and equal love in their latest campaign. Called the "Celebrate Your True Colors," the campaign features pride-themed merchandise from popular franchises and productions such as Steven Universe, Disney, and Sanrio.

The collection consists of exclusive clothing, accessories, housewares, plush, stationery, and other items depicting characters from the mentioned franchises. 100% of the round-up profits benefit GLAAD, which supports LGBTQ lives and media representation. Not only will GLAAD be honored, but every $10 spent at BoxLunch will provide a personal meal from the nonprofit Feeding America.

When you shop at BoxLunch for your favorite fandoms, you'll participate in a great cause, making the experience a triple win. The retailer and its sister store, Hot Topic, are well-known for being charitable for humane endeavors, missioning to provide better futures.

The BoxLunch Pride Collection has many options to choose from, and I especially love the "Snoopy On The Moon" tee. The graphic showcases the infamous beagle in an orange spacesuit and helmet, with a bright rainbow extending over him. Another choice would be the "SpongeBob SquarePants Rainbow Color Changing Enamel Pin," which goes from blank to a colorful burst when exposed to UV lighting. It's a cool way to represent pride by wearing the iconic sponge.

It's SpongeBob, so what could be better?

Per a press release obtained by Culturess, BoxLunch disclosed the details regarding the "Celebrate Your True Colors" campaign.

"In celebration of Pride Month, fandom-first retailer BoxLunch is partnering with GLAAD, a non-profit organization focused on LGBTQ+ advocacy and cultural change, with an in-store and online donation campaign. From now until June 30, all round-up donations at BoxLunch will benefit GLAAD’s mission to ensure fair, accurate, and inclusive representation in media."

How long will BoxLunch have the GLAAD "Celebrate Your True Colors" campaign?

From June 1st to the 30th, you can participate in the campaign by purchasing eligible merchandise and rounding up the change. There are endless options to buy, making it easy to do.

You can view the entire "Celebrate Your True Colors" campaign collection here. To learn more about GLAAD and their platform, head over to

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