Eminem makes a brief apology for delay of real video and shares a sneak peek of ‘Tobey’

Eminem has postponed the release of his highly anticipated 'Tobey' video to July 8.
Eminem / Aaron J. Thornton/GettyImages

Eminem – the skilled rapper with extraordinarily complicated lyrics and outstanding originality has recently shared a new update concerning the creation of his new video for “Tobey.” Although Eminem planned to release the video several days ago the process of its creation was prolonged and the premiere of the video is planned for Monday, July 8th. However, in the meantime, Eminem made a preview for listeners, thus increasing the expectations and interest in the subject.

In his latest social media update, Eminem apologized for the delay, expressing his regret with a heartfelt message to his fans: “Sorry 4 the delay .” He told them not to worry about the delay because the video is definitely something they’ll be happy to hear, and even referred to it as “A GOAT” which is the acronym for the Greatest of All Time. The main part of the publication also contains the goat emoji and the spider emoji, in which fans can recognize Tobey Maguire from the Spider-Man movie, and this symbol may be a reference to the plot of the video.

Eminem also said that the link to the preview is in his bio enabling people who follow him to have a sneak preview of what to anticipate. This strategy has also kept the anticipation of his fans high and guessing what the artist has in store for them.

Partnerships are involved in this project greatly with featured artists are Big Sean and BabyTron as noted in the teaser. Their participation means that “Tobey” is going to be a pretty glamorous video. These artists combined with Eminem’s style and musical direction proves to be exciting. We also have the title #TheDeathOfSlimShady which may refer to the change of theme or a storyline.

Watch for the full “Tobey” video coming out on Monday, July 8th, 2024. The multifaceted artist Eminem’s latest album gives hope for yet another part of his Hall of Fame career where he combines the passion for lyrics and music videos, as well as for successful collaborations.

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