Ellenos Greek Yogurt is an indulgent treat perfect for summer

Ellenos releases new Greek yogurt flavors. Image courtesy Ellenos
Ellenos releases new Greek yogurt flavors. Image courtesy Ellenos /

The heat of summer is nearly upon us and for us, that means finding delicious treats to cool us off and satisfy our cravings. As someone with a sweet tooth, I am a big fan of ice cream on hot days. But sometimes we want to try new things or even try for healthier options.

If there is one treat that we are in love with this year, it has to be Greek Yogurt from Ellenos. Ellenos started in Seattle as a family owned and operated yogurt place. And while they are still open at the iconic Pike Place, you don't need to live in Seattle to enjoy the magic of Ellenos.

Luckily for us, we can find Ellenos in stores such as Whole Foods, Eataly, and even Costco! And with a wide range of options to choose from, this is a Greek Yogurt that is as much a sweet treat as a bowl of ice cream. This indulgent yogurt offers us a variety of flavors and even mix in options that allow you to customize your Greek Yogurt experience.

Ellenos Greek Yogurt is a delicious treat perfect for summer snacking

Ellenos releases new Greek yogurt flavors. Image courtesy Ellenos /

Some of the current flavors that you can choose from when it comes to Ellenos are:

"*New* Blueberry Pomegranate made with blueberries from Oregon’s Willamette Valley and balanced perfectly with tart pomegranate

Vanilla Bean made with vanilla beans from Madagascar and Tahiti, which gives it the initial punch of smooth vanilla with subtle floral notes. Great on its own or with fresh fruit.

Marionberry is made with sweet marionberries swirled with velvety Greek yogurt. On a blackberry-tasting scale from one to ten, the marionberry ranks a 15. The Oregon born-and-raised berry can be best described as a cross between a raspberry and blackberry: tart, yet sweet, with a complex and earthy flavor.

Key Lime Pie made with sweet-and-tart key lime curd and topped with a graham cracker crumble."

Ellenos Key Lime Pie
Ellenos Key Lime Pie Real Greek Yogurt. Image courtesy of Ellenos /

Now I have to admit that both the Marionberry and the Key Lime Pie are particular favorites, however, I do have to say that my current obsession is their Lemon Curd flavor, which is perfect for people who like that tart bite of lemon with their yogurt. It is so satisfying and refreshing, and perfectly pairs with their Key Lime Pie flavor, although the Key Lime Pie is definitely on a different level thanks to the graham cracker bits you can mix in for a little crunch.

Whether you are opting for one of the yogurts with mix-ins or want a more classic yogurt experience, Ellenos has you covered. And I love the fact that these Greek Yogurts are rich, creamy, and full of flavor.

Perhaps the only drawback to Ellenos is that my closest Whole Foods is an hour away! But I have to say that it is totally worth the drive to stock up on this decadent yogurt, as it is always a satisfying treat all summer long.

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