Celebrate National Cold Brew Day with La Colombe

National Cold Brew Day is here and La Colombe shared an amazing deal.
National Cold Brew Day Stories?/ New Product Launch. Image Credit to La Colombe.
National Cold Brew Day Stories?/ New Product Launch. Image Credit to La Colombe. /

For those who weren't highly aware, National Cold Brew Day falls on April 20th and La Colombe has an amazing deal for those wanting something new.

Firstly, La Colombe is now dropping 11oz Draft Lattes. Each can feature 50% less sugar than a typical ready-to-drink coffee beverage and comes in a plethora of different flavors. No matter what taste you're craving, the brand has something for you.

For those wanting something strong, you can try a dark unsweetened can of La Colombe. If you're looking for a more typical cold brew flavor, you can grab a Mocha, Vanilla, or Caramel one. Honestly, there is no shortage of flavors to try.

After sharing that, I have to share the deal which is too good to pass up: "Celebrate National Cold Brew Day on April 20th with a FREE 11fl oz can of La Colombe’s new “World’s Frothiest Draft Latte” made with cold brew. Get yours anywhere you can find La Colombe, including your local La Colombe cafe. Visit LaColombe.com for more details*. Additionally, La Colombe is giving one lucky fan the chance to win a year’s supply of FREE Draft Lattes. Enter to win on LaColombe.com."

La Colombe is the ultimate treat for National Cold Brew Day.

La Colombe
National Cold Brew Day Stories?/ New Product Launch. Image Credit to La Colombe. /

Let me be honest and share that I'm not a big coffee drinker but for La Colombe, I was curious to try them out and the brand sent me some samples. The flavors I was sent were Vanilla, Caramel, and Cold Brew which is the unsweetened version. In full transparency, the only flavor I haven't tried is the last one.

However, I immediately cracked open the Caramel upon receiving these and was surprised by it. While drinking coffee can sometimes be heavy, this felt so light. Also, I poured it into a mug so I got the full effect with the cold foam. There's just something so fancy about that and I can't get enough so I knew I had to try the Vanilla.

Of the two I tried, I enjoyed the vanilla most. This is something I could see adding to my morning routine or sipping on during a day off. While these are a bit stronger than I'm used to, I know that I'll be drinking them even if I have to add a little creamer or milk. Either way, if you haven't tried these yet, I say give them a try.

Plus you can't deny a good deal, especially on National Cold Brew Day. You also have a chance to win a year's supply of La Colombe so why not give it a shoot? You might end up being a cold brew girlie and La Colombe will be the cause.

How will you be celebrating National Cold Brew Day? Will you be trying out La Colombe's cold brew? Let us know!