Celebrate Father's Day with these unique gifts for Dad

If you're looking for Dad, look no further than our Father's Day gift guide.
Funko & Loungefly | Dads & Grads Gift Guide. Image Credit to Loungefly.
Funko & Loungefly | Dads & Grads Gift Guide. Image Credit to Loungefly. /

When it comes to shopping for certain holidays, Father's Day can be a tough one. Shopping for Dad is never easy.

I don't know about you, but my Dad has a very specfic taste and sometimes, he doesn't want anything. It can be a bit frustrating as you want to give your parents the best on their special day but thankfully, some of you might not have that problem.

That's why I had to share some of the fun ideas I found to gift for Father's Day. Whether you're celebrating your own father, have a lovely father figure in your life, or just want to show your favorite Dad some appreciation, there are items of all styles, categories, and price points on this list.

Of course, most of these can be ordered online but if you're able to find an in-store location for some, that can be easier for others.

Make shopping for Father's Day easier with our 2024 gift guide.

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Funko & Loungefly | Dads & Grads Gift Guide. Image Credit to Funko. /

1. Give Dad the gift of himself with a Funko Pop! Yourself

Let me start by saying that I think this is such a fun idea. Essentially, all you have to do is go on Funko's website and you have the option for creating a single pop or a 2-pack. Either way, you can create a Funko Pop! figure that either looks like your dad, his favorite player, or even, a pack featuring you and him. Either way, this one was too fun to not include on the list. Keep in mind that it needs to be ordered by June 7th at 11:59 pm PT to get it by Father's Day.

La Colombe Coffee Subscription Image. Image Credit to La Colombe. /

2. Gift Dad weekly with this La Colombe subscription

For those who have a Dad who enjoys a cup of Joe in the morning, then look no further than this Dark & Medium Coffee Subscription from La Colombe. You have a few different options you can choose as you can get whole-bean coffee or get coffee that's already ground. From there, you can decide to give Dad this subscription as a one-off thing. There's an option to have it delivered every week or every 2, 3, or 4 weeks. Lastly, you have the option to prepay and gift Dad deliveries in amounts of 3, 6, and 12. Either way, this is the Father's Day gift that keeps on giving.

For The Dad & Grad Who Loves Pasta / Sfoglini. Image Credit to Sfoglini. /

3. Gift Dad with some pasta he'll love from Sfoglini

Keeping with the food theme, I have to include Sfoglini. This is a pasta brand that has tons of options for Dads who love to eat or just love pasta. The other thing I found most exciting about this company is just how many options there are. Whether you want to give Dad a sample of Sfoglini's best ($26.99) or want to give him half a year's worth of pasta ($110.00,) you're bound to make sure Dad invites you over for dinner no matter what.

No matter which gift you're looking at for Dad this year, Sfoglini is sure to put a smile on his face even if you're the one cooking for him.

Pura Car Diffuser 6
Father's Day Gift - Pura Car. Image Credit to Pura. /

4. Gift Dad with a nice-smelling ride with Pura Car

Moving away from food for a second, I wanted to show some love to Pura. The brand does have some amazing products but the one they shared for Dad is perfect. This Pura Car Diffuser will make your car go from smelling old French fries to clean and fresh in no time. Currently on sale for $27.99, this diffuser is good for 30 days and once the scent is used up, you can order another from the brand's website.

It even has a smart control so you or your Dad will know when the scent is almost used up. All in all, this one was too useful to not include. Plus I've used some of Pura's products in the past and have always loved them.

Computer Laptop and white mobile phone with tablet on wooden tab
Computer Laptop and white mobile phone with tablet on wooden table background, blank screen electronic device with copy space. Image Credit to Maxell. /

5. Gift Dad with Music from Maxell

As I just mentioned how much I enjoy Pura, I also got a pair of Maxell headphones gifted from the brand and I am absolutely obsessed with these. The ones I have to recommend for Dad are the True Wireless Dual Driver Earbuds. These earbuds are some of my favorites I've ever used and are ones I know I'll be using for years. With that being said, I think that'd be great ones to gift Dad if he is a music fan or just love to listen to audiobooks or podcasts.

COLLECTIV Star Wars Rebel Alliance The MULTI-TASKR Full Size Backpack, , hi-res (2) (1)
Funko & Loungefly | Dads & Grads Gift Guide. Image Credit to Loungefly. /

6. Gift Dad with something from Loungefly's Collectiv

Loungefly has some great products, but sometimes if you're shopping for Dad, he might want something a bit more subtle. That's where Collectiv comes in. Featuring the likes of Star Wars, Marvel and Jujutsu Kaisen, this collection isn't vast but full of some great products. No doubt we'll see the company add more in the future.

The items I wanted to feature for Father's Day are the Star Wars Rebel Alliance items which include a Laptop Bag, a Full-Size Backpack, a Backpack, and a Crossbody Bag along with a Flap Wallet. Of course, there is plenty more to choose from but if your family is going on vacation, this would be a great item to gift.

Gift LâMO's APMA-Approved Men's Wellness Slippers For Dad This Father's Day. Image Credit to Lamo Footwear. /

7. Gift Dad with comfort from APMA Men's Slide Wrap from LâMO

For the most part, my Dad has everything he wants so he doesn't ask for much for Father's Day but once I saw these, I knew I had to get them. Created in collaboration with the American Podiatric Medical Association, these are made with cow suede upper and Australian sheepskin lining. I don't know about you, but they look incredibly soft to me. These also come in 2 colors which are Black and Chestnut. While these are priced at $99.99, you're also paying for the quality and comfort which is sometimes all you can ask for.

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Reese’s Unveils NEW Jumbo Cups with Even More Peanut Butter. Image credit to Reese's/The Hershey Company. /

8. Gift Dad with a super-sized treat from Reese's

Last but not least, I had to feature a sweet treat on here. I don't know about your dads but my Dad loves a sweet treat. This Reese's Jumbo Cup is much more than a little sweet treat, though. Each Jumbo Cup is equal to 4 King Size Cups. That's a lot of chocolate and peanut butter to go around. If you're able to find this at your local store, be sure to grab it to feed Dad's sweet tooth this year.

Whether you're looking for a budget gift, need something new for Dad, or want to gift him something unique, hopefully, our gift guide helped you. There is something for Dads of all ages so I think one of these items will fit your father's interests.

What will you be gifting Dad this year for Father's Day? Be sure to let us know!

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