Bride is a delightful new romance journey for Ali Hazelwood

Bride is a new and fun chapter in Ali Hazelwood's romance journey.

Bride by Ali Hazelwood. Image Credit to Berkley.
Bride by Ali Hazelwood. Image Credit to Berkley. /

Some romance authors stick to the same genre for their entire career and it seemed like Ali Hazelwood would until she announced Bride.

Everyone has been foaming at the mouth for this book and rightfully so. Ali Hazelwood took the BookTok world by storm after publishing The Love Hypothesis.

Since then, there has been so much buzz around her releases including Bride. Personally, I was really excited to read something new from Ali Hazelwood and I won’t spoil my thoughts just yet but it’s one I know I haven’t forgotten since reading it.

With that being said, I’d like to thank Berkley for sending me an ARC of Bride so I could share my thoughts and feelings with you.

Bride by Ali Hazelwood is a delightful paranormal romance.

When I first heard about this book, I never would have imagined the concept. The story follows Misery, a vampyre who has been living among humans and she’s called to visit her father. Once there, he tells her that she has to marry one of the weres as show of peace. While Misery is reluctant at first, she ends up agreeing for a specific reason.

From there, we watch as Misery and Lowe embark on a unique marriage of convenience. It doesn’t feel like a love match at first but the two slowly begin to bond. For Misery, she’s finally getting a chance to love someone properly who isn’t her best friend. As for Lowe, he is trying to figure out how to be a proper alpha and make sure things are running smoothly in his pack.

While the two don’t see eye-to-eye on certain things, it’s clear the attraction is there from the start and once they team up to try to find Serena, they’re a true dynamic duo. Also, the tension between these two is just electric and the way they’re trying to hide it and smother their feelings is just delicious.

Bride feels like a love letter to Twilight, fandom, and paranormal romance. I never thought I’d see Ali Hazelwood write a paranormal romance yet she pulls it off. Coupled with the reveals at the end of the book, I just loved it. I really hope we get more books in this world or even, in this series because I am dying for some side characters to get their own romance.

Since Ali Hazelwood is known for being a Swiftie, I had to finish my review off by sharing what Taylor Swift song I think embodies Bride, and oddly enough, the song that comes to mind is “Daylight” from Lover.

Bride by Ali Hazelwood is out now where books are sold.

Which Taylor Swift song are you thinking about while reading Bride? Make sure to share with us.

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