Bebe Rexha's New Single "I’m The Drama" Drops on June 28

Pop star Bebe Rexha returns with her highly anticipated single "I’m The Drama," out on June 28.
Bebe Rexha
Bebe Rexha / Kevin Winter/GettyImages

Singer-songwriter Bebe Rexha is all geared up to make a powerful comeback to the music scene with her new track titled "I’m The Drama" which is all set to release this Friday: June 28th. Being a very talented singer with an incredibly powerful voice and one of the most prominent pop artists who can be defined as very fearless now, Rexha’s new song is expected to be a strong statement both for her creative expression and her biography.

It is believed that “I’m The Drama” will contain the singer’s musical taste which is a combination of pop, electronics, and hip-hop. Just the title of the song is provocative enough to hint at a song that will be full of brazen bragging and may explore the subject matter of women’s rights and the cons of being a celebrity. Audiences can expect an energetic performance that will engage their senses through the artists’ vocal ability as well as their song-writing skills especially when it comes to churning out infectious choruses.

In previous sneak previews, Rexha has whispered about the song being dark. A short teaser on social media involved a pulsing beat and electric lyrics, which spurred her fans and created a lot of curiosity among them. The song seems to deal with the idea of standing up for oneself, which is a topic that is very popular in modern culture where people’s personalities are exposed and judged.

"I’m The Drama" is also special for Rexha for the same reasons and more. Her earlier songs such as "Meant to Be," and "I’m a Mess," among others shaped the audience that she has been delivering breathtaking performances and quality music masterfully. This new single should be expected to repeat that trend and provide a positive reception as well as a change of pace.

Now that the wait for June 28th is on, people are excited to hear the full version of “I’m The Drama” track being performed by Bebe Rexha, who happens to be an artist with great potential and whose goal is to conquer the throne in the music industry.

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