Anastacia Announces NTK25 Tour to Celebrate 25 Years of Music

Join Anastacia on her #NTK25 Tour kicking off in March 2025
Anastacia / Tristar Media/GettyImages

The fabulous news that will please fans of music all over the world – the famous singer Anastacia announced the #NTK25 Tour in March 2025. This tour is a special one, as this year she celebrates her twenty-five years on stage, enchanting millions of people with her voice, profound lyrics, and, of course, the magnificent acting on stage.

With her powerful and vibrating mezzo-soprano voice and popularizing such songs as “I’m Outta Love,” “Left Outside Alone,” or “Paid My Dues” Anastacia also participated in the voting, sharing her happiness on social media and calling her followers to join her on this exciting experience. ”Let’s get ready for a spectacular ride for the next 25 years of music, memories, and that magical feeling we all know,” she stated. Her announcement for the live performance was well received by the fans to revisit her popular numbers and enjoy new performances.

The #NTK25 Tour is going to be quite a spectacle, Anastacia’s music with the ultimate collection and new songs included. In her decades long career, she has managed to carve herself out an important position in the industry.

Thus, fans are simply left waiting for more information and tickets as the promotion of the show continues. From the tour dates, the fan is expected to get a chance to see her perform in different countries of the world giving them a variety of chances to attend her concerts. This tour is not just a celebration of her great voyage, it also reveals the living and active influence of Madonna in the music business.

Anastacia'sa statement, could not have come at a better time, what with live music currently experiencing a revival as artist and fans alike look forward to coming together again as performers and audiences. As it has already been touched above the #NTK25 Tour is poised to be a testimony to her influence and a congregation of songs that has moved generations.

The #NTK25 Tour is considered to be one of the music shows of 2025. Get ready for a night that will repeat the great moments, emotions, and extraordinary musical performance, listening to Anastacia and her Quarter of a Century of Live Show.

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