A Storybook Wedding is a romance for book lovers

KJ Micciche put together a delightfully bookish romance in A Storybook Wedding.
A Storybook Wedding by KJ Micciche. Image Credit to Sourcebooks Casablanca.
A Storybook Wedding by KJ Micciche. Image Credit to Sourcebooks Casablanca. /

When I first saw the cover for A Storybook Wedding by KJ Micciche, I was immediately interested and knew I wanted to review it.

While I didn’t enjoy The Book Proposal as much as I hoped, I went into A Storybook Wedding wanting something different. Thankfully, Micciche delivered when it came to her sophomore effort and I couldn’t put it down.

As with her previous release, this one feels like it’s for the bookish people and I mean that in the best way. This book feels like a love letter to one of our favorite romance tropes and writing without being over the top.

That’s why I have to thank Sourcebooks Casablanca for sending me an ARC to read early so I could share my thoughts and feelings with you.

A Storybook Wedding is a writer’s dream come true from KJ Micciche.

The story begins with Cecily wanting to become a published author and to try to make it happen, she joins an MFA program. While she has to take time away from being a child’s librarian, it ends up being the best decision for her. She ends up opening up and starting to write in a way she never has before.

Her writing development is in large part, thanks to Nate Ellis. He is an award-winning debut author with many accolades to his name. His major claim to fame was that he seemingly predicted the pandemic in his debut release. However, he’s having a major case of impostor syndrome as he tries to write his sophomore effort.

While Cecily is on break, her advisor tells her to go to some literary events and she attends one of Nate’s events. From there, the two are buzzed, do karaoke, and end up, kissing. Since they’re in the same program, he can be fired and her kicked out. To try to make things better, they agree to a marriage of convenience and it ends up being a rollercoaster ride from there.

Unlike her first novel, I think Micciche did an excellent job of balancing the absurdity of what happens to these two with the reality of marrying someone you barely know. Watching these two slowly fall in love was so incredible. I couldn’t help but root for them to get their HEA and for Cecily or CJ to become a published author.

Eventually, things blow up in their faces but not before Nate and CJ realize their feelings. It isn’t pretty yet the author handles it masterfully. She also shows some love for some amazing books and authors while doing it. I especially loved the reference to Wibbroka as they’re my favorite husband-and-wife author duo.

A Storybook Wedding was such a fun read and one you need to add to your beach bag. You’ll want to devour it before you even get close to the ocean. All in all, this was an incredibly fun read so I wanted to show it some love.

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