6 fashionable size-inclusive brands for dresses this summer

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Summer has finally arrived, and nothing screams summer more than a floaty, flowy dress. But not all brands carry sizes for everyone which...is ridiculous. Do they not like money?? Everyone should be able to find at least three summer dresses that they love. There are many more options than there used to be, but that's still not enough. Let's take a look at six size-inclusive brands that are currently selling cute AF dresses that are perfect for this sweltering summer.

Unique Vintage

If you'd like to look like your own version of a 1950s pinup, you really can't go wrong with Unique Vintage. Their stuff is ridiculously cute and many of their dresses are under $100. Whether you're looking for a 1950s, 1960s, or 1970s-inspired summer look, they have everything you could ever want, including shoes! Their plus size dresses go up to a 5x or a 26. They also have a Barbie collection!


Looking for a dress to go run away in the woods in? JessaKae is where it's at. And the woods will certainly keep you cool. Their summer line of dresses is floaty, floral, and fun. Cotton candy looks like it would feel heavier than these dresses. And when it's 100 degrees out, that's what you want. Most of their dresses are well over $100 (although, they do have a full line of $99 dresses), but for a dress you'll likely wear throughout the summer and even next summer, it may be worth it! Their dresses range from XXS to 6X.

Loud Bodies

If the name wasn't enough to sell you on this brand, their dresses definitely will. If you're looking for flowing, romantic dresses that may or may not remind you of Bridgerton, Loud Bodies is your new best friend. Whether you're looking for a dress for everyday or for a more formal affair, they have it all. And their sizes start at XXS and go up to 10X.

Find the summer dress of your dreams from these size-inclusive brands

Almost There

Looking for something a little more simple? Or something sleek to wear to work? Almost There's dresses are perfect. Their modern and classic designs are perfect for everyday or for adding heels to and wearing to work. Their puff-sleeve button-down Bianca dress looks like the perfect thing to wear to brunch this summer. All their dresses range from about $150 to $250, so this is no bargain, but their sizes do go from XS through 4X.


If you are obsessed with patterns, you need to check out the patterned dresses at BloomChic. With everything from celestial to floral to fruits and vegetables, there is a dress for everyone here. And if you need to makeover your whole wardrobe (who doesn't?), they have much more than just dresses (blouses, pants, skirts, etc). Their size range starts at 10/Medium and goes up to 6X/30. The tomato print dress may or may not be calling to me.


Does everyone else get 1000-plus ads for ModCloth on Instagram, or does the algorithm just know me? Either way, ModCloth has a full line of plus-size dresses, tops, pants, and everything else. They definitely have a vintage vibe to all their clothes, although not in the same way as Unique Vintage. Modcloth is probably most well-known for the wide variety of prints they come out with regularly. Chances are if you want a print of something, they probably have a dress with it. Over the years, they've had books, dinosaurs, skeletons, and everything in between. Their "Basically Breezy" sundress is a must this summer. Most of their apparel is under $100, but there are a few dresses that go over. Their sizes range from small to 3X or 0-26W.

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