10 female-directed movies to watch in the latter half of 2024

These 10 films are all coming out soon and have a female director.
The Watchers - Courtesy Warner Bros.
The Watchers - Courtesy Warner Bros. /

Picking out a movie to watch can be tough but sometimes, it gets even tougher when you're looking for films directed by women.

No matter if you're showing love to one of your favorite directors, have a film you're looking forward or need a reminder, then you're in luck. Since 2024 is almost halfway over, we're looking at the films being released from June to December 2024 that are directed by a woman.

While doing my research, I stumbled upon a lot of movies I hadn't ever heard so hopefully you're in the same boat as me and will find something new to look into. Honestly, there are so many great movies coming out every month so I can understand why it's hard to keep track of new releases.

This list truly runs the gambit and I'm here for it because as women, we are more than just one type of story. Plus our tastes and moods can change on a dime so hopefully you'll be able to find something new to watch or look forward to for the rest of 2024.

These 10 upcoming movies are all directed by women

1. The Watchers (Out June 7, 2024. Directed by Ishana Night Shyamalan)

Let me start by saying that when I first started drafting this list, I had no idea that The Watchers was coming out or being directed by Ishana Night Shyamalan. However, as soon as the trailer started, I knew I was in for a treat. Plus it's a horror directed by a woman and honestly, I'm always here for that.

The film is led by Dakota Fanning and the story seems simple as she gets trapped in a shelter with some strangers who are terrified of the creatures in the woods. As with most horror films, she's too curious for her own good. While the trailer doesn't give too much away, it teases enough to show us to be scary and gives us those chilling vibes you want from a horror film.

Lagueria Davis, Stacey McBride-Irby, Beulah Mae Mitchell, Aaliyah Williams
2023 SXSW Film Festival Portrait Studio / Robby Klein/GettyImages

2. Black Barbie (Out June 19, 2024. Directed by Lagueria Davis)

For the most part, this list is going to focus on fictional films but I had to include this upcoming documentary being released on Netflix. Given that it's Barbie's 65th anniversary, what better time than now to plan a watch of Black Barbie?

The doc focuses on the three women who were behind the release of the first Black Barbie. As shared by Netflix: "explores the impact of three Black women at Mattel responsible for the Black Barbie debut in 1980: Beulah Mae Mitchell, Kitty Black Perkins, and Stacey McBride Irby." I don't know about you, but that sounds like such an impactful yet fun watch. If you don't already have this one on your list, then you need to.

Find Me Falling. (L-R) Harry Connick Jr. as John and Ali Fumiko Whitney as Melina in Find Me Falling. Cr. Pavlos Vrionides/Netflix © 2024. /

3. Find Me Falling (Out July 19, 2024. Directed by Stelana Kliris)

I feel like 2024 is for the fangirls and I'm here for it. Find Me Falling is going to be released on Netflix on July 19th and was already teased in a post by Netflix. However, we just have to talk about the concept for this film.

As shared via Netflix's post: "Coming off a flop album and his biggest hit’s dwindling popularity, aging rock star John Allman decides to take a break from his career to reclaim his spark. He moves to an isolated cliffside home on the idyllic Mediterranean island of Cyprus, but John’s dream of keeping a low profile is derailed when he is routinely confronted by desperate souls and later faced with even more complicated surprises when an old flame reignites." Netflix, you don't have to convince me. I will be seated for this and I truly cannot wait for it.

While it might not be as saucy as The Idea of You, it feels like a more mature version of it and there is just something utterly undeniably about a rockstar romance.

4. My Old Ass (Out September 13, 2024. Directed by Megan Park)

Entitled My Old Ass, this film was both written and directed by Megan Park. The official synopsis reads:

"In this fresh coming-of-age story, an 18th birthday mushroom trip brings free-spirited Elliott (Maisy Stella) face-to-face with her wisecracking 39-year-old self (Aubrey Plaza). But when Elliott’s 'old ass' starts handing out warnings about what her younger self should and shouldn’t do, Elliott realizes she has to rethink everything about family, love, and what’s becoming a transformative summer."

I don't know about you, but that sounds absolutely delightful.

Frankly, I'm curious to see how the title plays into things and if it's as funny as the title. Plus the cast for it is pretty great with the likes of Maddie Ziegler, Aubrey Plaza, and Maisy Stella all having a role in the film. Either way, this one was too fun not to include.

5. Good One (Out August 9, 2024. Directed by India Donaldson)

Next up on the list is one I found during my research and it seems like such an interesting story. Good One is India Donaldson's directorial debut. Following Sam, the film features her, her dad, and his friend as they embark on a backpacking trip through the Catskills Mountains. Of course, things aren't exactly as they seem as the two friends start to dive into their history and Sam ends up caught in the crossfire.

Described as a "motionally expansive work that probes the limits of familial trust, understanding, and ultimately, forgiveness," Good One feels like a unique story. It also feels incredibly different than any other film we've discussed to this point. Either way, I had to include it as the trailer made me so excited to watch it.

Tina Mabry
"Women Of The Movement" Los Angeles Special Screening Event - Arrivals / David Livingston/GettyImages

6. The Supremes at Earl's All-You-Can-Eat (Out August 23, 2024. Directed by Tina Mabry)

Actual two films are coming out on this day directed by women. The first one is The Supremes at Earl's All-You-Can-Eat. This is directed by Tina Mabry and is based on the book by Edward Kelsey Moore. This one will begin streaming on Hulu on that date so this won't be a theatrical release which is sometimes better in the long run.

At its core, the film is about a group of women called "The Supremes" who have been friends for years and it's all about their lives, their friendships, and how those things play out. This cast is stacked with talent including Sanaa Lathan, Uzo Aduba, Russell Hornsby, and Aunjanue Ellis-Taylor among many others.

7. Blink Twice (Out August 23, 2024. Directed by Zoë Kravitz)

Blink Twice is another film that will be hitting theaters internationally but will be streaming on Amazon Prime Video in the US. Considering that it's also Zoe Kravitz's directorial debut, I mean there's a lot to be excited about. Plus Channing Tatum is starring if the trailer didn't clue you into that.

The film follows Tatum as a tech billionaire and a cocktail waitress who becomes obsessed with him but it takes a turn when they go on vacation together. Aside from Tatum, the cast features Naomi Ackie, Simon Rex, and Haley Joel Osment. With the stellar cast and Zoe Kravitz behind the camera, there is no way this is going to be bad.

8. Venom: The Last Dance (Out October 25, 2024. Directed by Kelly Marcel)

Skipping ahead a few months, we're moving to an entirely different genre with Venom: The Last Dance. As the third film in the series, we're once again following Tom Hardy as he plays both Venom and Eddie Brock. However, there isn't much known about the film as we have no idea who some of the cast are even playing.

Either way, this film was directed and written by Kelly Marcel and this is her directorial debut. While it got shifted around a bit due to the strike, we're finally getting this movie in October. Whether you liked the previous films or not, I'm sure this one will have a solid box-office weekend.

9. Nightbitch (Out December 6, 2024. Directed by Marielle Heller)

For the final two films, these are both December releases with the first being Nightbitch. This film is being directed by Marielle Heller and the film is based on the novel by Rachel Yoder. As a reader, I do remember this cover and hearing a bit about this book before it was adapted.

However, the casting of Amy Adams makes me even more excited. While I don't want to give away too much, the film follows a woman who is taking a pause in her career to be a stay-at-home mom and she ends up feeling a bit different. I won't get into much more with that, but I can't wait to see Amy Adams tackle this one.

Claressa Shields
2024 PFL vs Bellator / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

10. The Fire Inside (Out December 25, 2024. Directed by Rachel Morrison)

Last but not least, we made it to The Fire Inside. Releasing on Christmas Day 2024, the film is a biopic of Claressa Shields. After getting to a story about her life, Barry Jenkins wrote the script for this one and it follows Shield's training as she heads into the 2012 Olympics. As someone who has covered Claressa Shields before, I am SO excited for this one.

This is going to be released on Amazon Prime Video and will star Ryan Destiny as Shields. Some of the other cast members include Judy Greer, Brian Tyree Henry, and Oluniké Adeliyi. Considering that Shields is still fighting and making moves to this day, this should be an interesting one. Plus I feel like we rarely get stories about female boxers so I'm here for it.

Which female-directed films did we miss? Make sure to let us know which movies you're looking forward to in the latter half of 2024.

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