10 Characters Who Need To Appear In The Wizards of Waverly Place Sequel Series

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Rosie's addition to Wizards of Waverly Place helped grow out the supernatural world to Angels and Angels of Darkness. Although her romance with Justin was short-lived, Rosie did get to end her time on the show seeing the light following her redemption in wanting to save humanity from Gorog's desire to turn the Moral Compass to "Bad." and returned to being a Guardian Angel.

Upon saying good-bye, Rosie said she would be saying out of Justin's way to let him move on with his life but asked if he could do something bad every once in a while so she would have a reason to visit. Although Rosie's departure did create space for Justin to get back together with Juliet, it could be interesting to see Rosie acting as Justin's Guardian Angel, or the Guardian Angel to one of his children when Justin is an adult.

Even though Rosie did not get to spend that much time with Justin, the duo still shared enough time together where Rosie got an understanding of who Justin was and what mattered to him. Although it did not work out in the end, Rosie's return could play a role in helping Justin with whatever chaos his kids may bring, or help him have a better understanding of how to make a better choice if he messes up.