10 Characters Who Need To Appear In The Wizards of Waverly Place Sequel Series

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As of "The Good, The Bad, and the Alex," it was assumed that Stevie had died. Her scheme to end the Wizard Competition to allow every Wizard In Training to keep their powers ultimately resulted in Alex turning against her and Max accidentally breaking her frozen body into pieces. She was never shown to have come back from that.

Stevie had only been in a few episodes of season three, but she made a lasting impression on viewers that never went away. While Stevie had mostly interacted with Alex, Justin did not like her at all. Whether it was her natural sense of rebellion or the evidence that he was right about Stevie having ulterior motives, Justin was just glad when Stevie was defeated in the end.

But, what if it wasn't that simple? One of the most exciting aspects of next generation stories is when the main character's child, or mentee, gets to interact with one of the biggest villains from the past.

Justin was not present in The Wizards Return: Alex vs Alex, when Gorog's nephew, Dominic, came to seek revenge after the Russo siblings destroyed Gorog, so allowing him to realize that those closest to him were being confronted by a previous nemesis of his could lead to a fun reunion.