10 Characters Who Need To Appear In The Wizards of Waverly Place Sequel Series

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In a way, Justin is preparing to step into his father's role in Wizards Beyond Waverly Place as he will be teaching young wizards while married to a mortal. Given that Justin, in a way, had developed into a similar situation as his father, Jerry may as well make an appearance to strengthen the connection between the two shows.

Of the three original Russo siblings, Justin had always been connected to be like Jerry and holds the same sense of responsibility over what it means to wield magic. However, Jerry's past of having drama with his siblings could encourage him to show Justin the importance of keeping strong connections with Alex and Max, depending on how Justin's relationships with his siblings turned out over the years.

Jerry had wanted his kids to place each other and their family over magic, and this sequel series could show if the original Russo sibling trio had followed through on that promise as adults, or if they had grown apart over the years.

David DeLuise has shown interest in reprising Jerry Russo, and due to his role co-hosting Podco's Wizards of Waverly Pod, he appears more than willing to discuss his time on the original Disney Channel series.