10 Characters Who Need To Appear In The Wizards of Waverly Place Sequel Series

Walt Disney Studios' D23 Expo - Day 4
Walt Disney Studios' D23 Expo - Day 4 / John M. Heller/GettyImages
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Considering Zeke was Justin's best friend, it would make complete sense for Zeke to show up at Justin's door one day. Zeke is one of the only people who knows the Russo's family secret, so it would not be surprising that Zeke and Justin would have stayed in touch as close friends.

Bringing plenty of joy and charisma to Waverly Place, Zeke became a fan favorite over time because of his academic excitement, goofy personality, and relationship with Harper. Upon discovering the Russos were wizards, Zeke, just like Harper, kept their secret safe.

When the Russo family returned for The Wizards Return: Alex Vs. Alex, Zeke was nowhere to be seen or mentioned. The sequel series has the opportunity to bring fans up to speed on what Zeke has been up to over the years.

Unfortunately, Zeke's return may be up in the air as Dan Benson himself has revealed, according to ETOnline, that he does not believe Disney would bring him back due to his choice to go into adult content creation.