10 Characters Who Need To Appear In The Wizards of Waverly Place Sequel Series

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Even though Harper was Alex's best friend, Harper was practically an honorary Russo. Harper's charismatic attitude and dark humor would bring back the upbeat, fun characterization that made Wizards of Waverly Place such a fun, quippy, and quirky show.

According to the original lore of the show, Harper, as an adult, was sent back in time to write about wizards in the past because everyone in the future knows they exist. If the sequel series wants to play into this fun continuity, the show can write to Harper's eventual time travel to the past, and finally reveal precisely who had revealed wizardry to the public, and who had been the wizard to send Harper back in time.

This could also be a great opportunity to show the growth of Harper and Justin's platonic friendship, letting them portray a more settled dynamic without Harper's crush on Justin clouding their interactions.

To catch up with Harper years later to see if she became the paint-a-plate young adult author would not only be a fun callback to the original series but could offer another layer to Harper's development into adulthood.

Jennifer Stone's involvement as a co-host of Podco's Wizards of Waverly Pod suggests she may be open to reprising her role.