10 Characters Who Need To Appear In The Wizards of Waverly Place Sequel Series

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The dynamic of the Russo sibling trio is what made Wizards of Waverly Place so significant, and that relationship could not have existed without Max. Although he was the most absentminded of the group, Max was a brilliant balance of funny and oblivious without it becoming a tiresome trope.

In the series finale, Jerry and Theresa revealed their plans to hand Max their family business, the Waverly Sub Station, and throughout season four, Max actually showed a genuine competence for making money at the sandwich shop. Out of Max, Jerry, and Justin, Max was the only one who showed the capability of making a profit without resorting to unsanitary measures.

However, there is still a question about the location of the family's lair. Is the lair still hidden in the substation freezer? Did Alex or Justin take it when eventually moving out?

There is certainly a question of how the Waverly Sub Station did after Max took it over. But, rather than making a joke out of Max, as Wizards of Waverly Place did with Kelbo, the sequel series can still lean into Max's obliviousness but show he has grown as an adult. Give him the chance to be successful in his own right rather than a laughing stock.

Jake T. Austin has already revealed his interest to appear on Wizards Beyond Waverly Place.

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