10 Characters Who Need To Appear In The Wizards of Waverly Place Sequel Series

Walt Disney Studios' D23 Expo - Day 4
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Of the three Russo siblings, Justin was the least close to Mason. While Mason was Alex's boyfriend, and was shown to be friendly with Max, Justin tended to have the least to do with him. But, since Alex will be making an appearance in the spinoff, it would make sense to either show or reference if she and Mason are still together years later.

As a werewolf, Mason's appearance broadened the scope of the supernatural wizard world, giving more depth to the supernatural creatures that helped fill up the supernatural community. Justin's experience with Mason in the past can help Justin teach his kids about what werewolves are capabale of.

Wizards Beyond Waverly Place could introduce a dynamic between Justin and Mason that Wizards of Waverly Place never got the chance to explore, especially since it had been so many years since the strain that would have been caused due to Mason and Juliet's past.