Lessons In Chemistry Starts Strong But Never Hits Its Boiling Point

Lessons in Chemistry on Apple TV+
Lessons in Chemistry on Apple TV+ /

Lessons In Chemistry perfectly utilizes Brie Larson’s captivating performance as Elizabeth Zott, a chemist who ends up becoming the lead of a television cooking show.

Most of the series works well to portray Elizabeth’s frustration at the male-dominating world that surrounds her and how her genius mind desires to break free of the constraints placed around her.

With a background discussing racism and a highway that can ruin a neighborhood, Lessons In Chemistry has a lot going on.

Elizabeth is busy trying to be a mother after not wanting kids while struggling to make her voice heard on a show she initially wanted no part in. But, she can not help but strive to make a difference with the opportunity presented to her.

Lessons In Chemistry makes a lot of interesting points and strides, but admittedly, these are not necessarily storylines that have not been tackled before.

Nearly every period piece with a woman at the lead involves some variety of sexism as women fight to make their voices heard in an environment that desires to shut them down at every turn.

But, while most of the series sits with a powerful dedication to intelligent and empowered Elizabeth Zott, the series finale ends on a rather flat note.

Instead of an explosive ending, Lessons In Chemistry never quite reaches its boiling point. Things conclude with a light simmer as the final episode rolls to the conclusion of the story.

Lessons in Chemistry
Lessons in Chemistry on Apple TV+ /

Lessons In Chemistry strives to include all of its main storylines and subplots in the finale episode. But, in doing so, it does not allow a lot of room to actually dissect anything. Instead, it comes across more as the series making sure to hit items on a checklist.

The emotional connection to Elizabeth worrying about finding a sponsor to continue her show has nearly no payoff as Elizabeth spends no time actually dealing with it, only to come up with a sponsor at the last minute.

Mad’s quest to understand her father’s backstory relies on a series of brief easter eggs throughout the show’s previous episodes in order to comprehend the plot twist at the end, that Calvin’s mother had never died.

This is supposed to be emotional, and it may have been more so had the character not appeared out of nowhere in the series finale. However, the way this is presented, it feels like a last-minute out-of-the-blue way to help Elizabeth move back toward chemistry full-time.

Walter’s romance with Fran appears randomly when Fran admits her feelings for Walter to Elizabeth after Lessons In Chemistry barely shows the two interact.

While Phil being fired is a relief following his horrible treatment of Elizabeth, it occurs so quickly toward the end, that there is barely time to feel the satisfaction of him being told to leave.

For the most part, Lessons In Chemistry is a captivating limited series on Apple TV+. But, sadly, the series finale was not able to elevate the show’s conclusion into an explosive end that the series makes the audience feel may be coming.

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