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The Noel Diary. (L to R) Justin Hartley as Jake, Barrett Doss as Rachel in The Noel Diary. Cr. KC Bailey/Netflix © 2022.
The Noel Diary. (L to R) Justin Hartley as Jake, Barrett Doss as Rachel in The Noel Diary. Cr. KC Bailey/Netflix © 2022. /

Everyone loves to stream a Christmas movie during the holidays. If you don’t know, then you’re lying to me and yourself.

All joking aside, RANT Casino decided to do a roundup of the highest-rated Netflix Christmas movies. Considering how many movies Netflix has on its platform, this couldn’t have been easy.

Thankfully, the site decided to share the data with us to share with all of you and honestly, it’s a pretty solid list. No matter if you’re planning ahead or want to get in the Christmas spirit, this is a good place to start.

With that being said, let’s start with the #1 movie and that’s The Noel Diary. This was released in 2022 and is a romance movie featuring a writer on a journey. Then at #2 is Holidate which is a romantic comedy following two strangers who fake-date for the holidays.

See the highest-rated Netflix Christmas movies to stream this year.

Love Hard. (L to R) Nina Dobrev as Natalie Bauer in Love Hard, and Jimmy O. Yang as Josh Lin. Cr. Bettina Strauss/Netflix © 2021 /

Moving onto the next two, Christmas With You is at #3 and is a 2022 release featuring Aimee Garcia and Freddie Prinze Jr. While it might be a little cheesy, it’ll get you in the Christmas spirit. Next up at #4 is Love Hard which features Nina Dobrev as she flies to meet this mystery guy only to find out that she was catfished. Sounds like a fun and somewhat unique premise for a Christmas movie.

Coming in at #5 is The Christmas Chronicles which is a family comedy featuring Kurt Russell as Santa Claus and two kids who are tasked with helping him finish his route on Christmas. Another romantic film making the cut is Single All the Way at #6 which is an m/m fake-dating Christmas flick so what’s not to love?!

The Princess Switch: Switched Again. Vanessa Hudgens as Stacy / Margaret / Fiona in The Princess Switch: Switched Again. Cr. Mark Mainz/NETFLIX © 2020 /

We’re halfway there with #7 as The Princess Switch. Starring Vanessa Hudgens, this is a beloved and incredibly fun Christmas movie. Plus it’s a romantic comedy that started an adorable series of films. #8 goes to El Camino Christmas which is a 2017 film following a man trying to reconnect with his father but they get stuck together in a liquor store with a few other people.

Back to the romance, we’ve got A Christmas Prince at #9 which is a royal romantic comedy featuring Rose McIver and Ben Lamb. Talk about living the dream as it’s a journalist tasked with getting the scoop on a prince. Then at #10 on the list is another film for the kids and that’s Scrooge: A Christmas Carol which is an animated musical based on A Christmas Carol.

Klaus – Netflix /

Since this list is already long enough, I’m going to run through these last five films. #11 is Christmas Inheritance, #12 goes to Klaus, and #13 is Operation Christmas Drop while the final two are Let It Snow and Holiday in the Wild. Ultimately, Netflix has some great Christmas movies and plenty to get you in the holiday spirit this year.

What will you be streaming this Christmas on Netflix? Share your queue with us!

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