J.I.D. and 5 Gum Are Collaborating In Celebration of Hip Hop

JID x 5 Gum. Image courtesy Mars Wrigley
JID x 5 Gum. Image courtesy Mars Wrigley /

Hip Hop is reaching its 50th anniversary! Such an event is a big deal, and to commemorate the occasion, 5 Gum has some big news for music lovers. 5 Gum is partnering with rapper J.I.D to release a new song that will be inspired by Hip Hop’s five most influential albums.

The new track has taken inspiration from five iconic artists in the genre. However, this is not your ordinary song release that fans can download online once midnight hits. Instead, five lucky winners will receive the track through one of five limited-edition old-school boomboxes with a cassette tape that will hold the song.

But there is a catch to that too. You can only play the song five times before the cassette tape self-destructs. So, pick your chances to play the song wisely.

5 Gum will be hosting a sweepstake that will give fans the opportunity to win.

The contest is already underway and concludes on Tuesday, October 31, 2023, giving fans plenty of time to enter the contest. You can enter by visiting www.5gum.com/JID.

When speaking about the new project, J.I.D said,

"“As someone who eats, sleeps, and breathes music, there is absolutely nothing like heating a deep and meaningful song for the very first time – it’s an experience you never get back and is pivotal for music lovers like myself. To work on a project that revolves around that thrilling experience, tied to some of the most iconic names in Hip Hop, is really dope. I’m grateful 5 gum approached me with this opportunity, and I hope the fans who hear the track enjoy it as much as I do.”"

Maria Urista, Vice President at Mars Wrigley, stated,

"“Hearing new music from one of your favorite artists for the firs time is often an inspiring, sensorial, and exhilarating moment – which is exactly the experience we hope to deliver through our “5 in a lifetime campaign.” To create a musical masterpiece with the talented J.I.D. release it in a way that pays homage to the pre-digital era, and authentixally capture the thrill of only hearing the song for a limited time, is really something special. We are so excited to deliver this song to lucky hip hop and 5 gum fans, and continue to celebrate the 50th anniversary of hip hop.”"

But, 5 Gum is not ending their connection to Hip Hop with one contest. 5 Gum will also gift a unique analog boombox and make a $20,000 donation to The Hip Hop Museum to preserve the history and culture of Hip Hop Music. The Museum will open to the public in 2025.

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