See these fun Haunted Mansion decorations from Gemmy x Lowe’s

Old haunted abandoned mansion in creepy night forest with cold fog atmosphere, 3d rendering
Old haunted abandoned mansion in creepy night forest with cold fog atmosphere, 3d rendering /

Everyone loves feeling a little bit spooky and that’s exactly what Gemmy is doing with its new Haunted Mansion items.

Sold exclusively at Lowe’s, the brand is embracing everything haunted for this Halloween and sharing these incredibly cool Haunted Mansion products with us.

Even though Halloween is just around the corner, there’s still time to grab some items for outside and inside. Gemmy is known for its inflatables and there are plenty of options for that along with some non-inflatable ones, too.

Given that the Haunted Mansion movie recently dropped on Disney+, now is the perfect time to snag these and make sure everyone feels like they’re about to board the Haunted Mansion ride at Disney Parks.

Gemmy shares its Haunted Mansion items sold exclusively at Lowe’s.

Haunted Mansion
Life-Size Animated Caretaker and More from Disney’s The Haunted Mansion Available Now. Image Courtesy of Gemmy. /

Since Gemmy is known for inflatables, it would only be right to start with those. Lowe’s has two incredibly cool ones this year. First up is the Giant Animated Inflatable Monster Clock which is 8 feet tall. While it might not seem like a lot, that’s surprisingly tall for an inflatable. In addition, the store also has a 6-foot tall Inflatable Madame Leota Tombstone and it’s every bit as impressive as you might imagine with light-up eyes and spooky phrases.

Keeping with outside decor, there’s also a 6-foot life-size Caretaker to watch over all of your fun decorations. What is he going to watch over, though? Thankfully, Lowe’s and Gemmy also added two tombstones: one for Good Old Fred and the other for Dear Departed Brother Dave. Last but not least for outside decor, there’s a pathway of lights modeled after the Haunted Mansion busts.

Moving onto some decor for inside, Gemmy and Lowe’s have an inside version of the Haunted Mansion busts but they’re string lights. I feel like string lights are popular no matter what time of year so these are bound to be a hit. Last but not least, there is a plush of the Hitchhiking Ghosts which dance to their iconic song.

Regardless if you’ve streamed the new movie or not, you can still grab these at Lowe’s and make sure your house can be as haunted as possible.

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