Reelgood shares streaming stats from Oct. 5-11 and it’s an interesting mix

L to R: Lizze Broadway, Jaz Sinclair, Maddie Phillips
L to R: Lizze Broadway, Jaz Sinclair, Maddie Phillips /

Despite everyone having a preference for what they enjoy streaming, things can change. That’s why I was excited to get another look at Reelgood and its streaming report.

Given just how many streaming services there are and how much is out there, it’s crazy to see what people will decide to stream. Thankfully, we don’t have to do much with this as Reelgood does the work for us.

Whether you’re looking for something to stream over the weekend or just want to see where your favorite show ranks, we’ve got the data. If you’ve seen one of these posts before, the idea is simple: I share the chart with the Top 10 Streaming Items and then talk a bit about each of them.

While it might seem strange, I think it’s fun to see how things trend and dive into the data when it comes to this so let’s get into Reelgood’s Top 10.

Reelgood shares its Top 10 streaming list but where does your favorite rank?

Let’s start with the top 3 which is a mix of surprising and not. Coming in at the top spot is Gen V which was on last week’s list. Given that Ahsoka isn’t at the top anymore, it would only be right for Gen V to take its spot. However, I’m surprised to see Disney+’s Loki at #2 as it felt like it could go for the crown.

Regardless, the trickster was tricked by The Boys which seems highly likely. Moving into #3, it’s the Amazon Prime original: Totally Killer. This is a horror movie and with Halloween swiftly approaching, that makes sense. Plus it just seems like an enjoyable one to enjoy with a bowl of popcorn.

The next few were all featured on last week’s list but just in different places #4 is Netflix’s Reptile which is a true-crime movie. Once again, another great Halloween pick followed by The Continental: From the World of John Wick at #5. That one comes from Peacock and given the love for the franchise, I can see why it cut again.

Once again, another horror is dropping on the list and that’s Hulu’s No One Will Save You which was #1 last week. Given the plethora of new releases, I can see why it dropped down but it’s still going strong. #7 is Ahsoka, another non-surprise as it was near the top last week. Then in the #8 spot is Netflix’s Fair Play which is a drama/thriller.

As you can see, there’s a theme for this week which is dark, gritty, and scary. Since it’s spooky season, that’s not a surprise but let’s round out the list. Coming in at #9 is American Horror Story which is a show made for Halloween and lastly, at #10 is Haunted Mansion on Disney+. It’s a great Halloween flick so it’s a great way to end the list.

I’d like to thank Reelgood for sending along this data and the chart. It was honestly really cool to see how things changed after last week. You can also visit the Reelgood website to find out more data and see where your favorites rank.

What did you think of the Top 10 Streaming list this week? Were you surprised?

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