Crowned: What Does The New Talk Show Have In Store?

Crowned. Photo Credit In The Black Network
Crowned. Photo Credit In The Black Network /

Crowned is making its debut on Into The Black Network when the new streaming service premieres on October 2nd. As the series prepares to air, show hosts Vivica A. Fox, Syleena Johnson, Chanel Nicole Scott, and Kendra G discussed what to expect from the upcoming show. Their chemistry as a group is already apparent, and as Into The Black Network and Crowned prepare to release, the streaming service will also hold an array of other content.

Culturess: What makes Crowned unique to other talk shows?

Syleena Johnson: Crowned is unique to other talk shows because we don’t have hot topics. And I mean that not in a shade way but just in a different way. We will talk about pop culture but it will not be, we won’t be talking about it in such a way that it is not forward, not pushing our culture. We are really focused on the culture. We’re focused on learning. We’re focused on sharing. We’re focused on experience, and that, I think, sets us apart. Our talk show is not structured. It’s more so conversational, and it’s real. It’s very, very real, so it’s not scripted either.

Chanel Nicole Scott: I’d also like to add that it adds a level of transparency that you don’t see in today’s TV. You get to get a personal view of our lives and you hear some of our experiences where the audience can relate to some of our own personal experiences.

Vivica A. Fox: We’re gonna be giving you more of a nighttime feel instead of daytime talk show. Some of the conversations are gonna get a little crunked, get ready for that. But they are, as Chanel said, trying to be transparent and informative.

Kendra G.: Yeah, and I think as an add-on, the unique thing is us. You got Chanel Scott, you got the legendary Vivica Fox, you got Syleena Johnson, who can sing, talk, and get your life together, and then you have myself, Kendra G. We are the difference in any other talk show. They don’t have us. So, therefore, they don’t have the best.

Vivica A. Fox: Can we also add that the beautiful Syleena sings our theme song, so we coming in with it.

Syleena Johnson: We coming in hot, okay. All the talent is already here.

Culturess: You will be straightening each other’s crowns. What exactly does that mean?

Vivica A. Fox: That means that we’re gonna agree to disagree. We’re all four different walks of life. We all have different perspectives. She (Chanel Scott) is an expert on relationships. I would bring you some of the Hollywood. Syleena’s gonna bring you knowledge from the singing world and her experiences and things like that, and Kendra G. is just our hot piece. She’s gonna disagree about pretty much everything we do say, so you’ll probably get four different perspectives, and one that’s just gonna be interesting at all times. But it’s gonna be very, very entertaining.

Syleena Johnson: Kendra G. is in the streets, so she has the street perspective.

Kendra G.: I just got off the streets last night. I just put my wig on this morning.

Vivica A. Fox: As you can see, we’re already cracking up and having a great time with one another. Because, you know, sometimes when you have talk shows, it’s all about chemistry. Can you agree to disagree and keep it light and be inspirational to others? People are gonna be so surprised to see these four women talking about life, culture, love, health, wealth.

Culturess: What do you want viewers to take away from your show?

Vivica A. Fox: Everything. We want to, like I said, enlighten and encourage. Also, baby, look at this fashion that’s gonna be going on all the time. It’ll just be fresh. It’s gonna be totally different that we’re not trying to fit into the daytime hot topics. You know, things that are just seen different hours during the day. We’re going to be premiering every Monday night at midnight. So, we’ll have a little drink and have a lot of fun.

Kendra G.: I want women to get empowered. I want them to maybe hear something that could change their lives. Make a change that could really be impactful in their lives. So hopefully, like Vivica said, Queen Vivica Fox said, that they can be enlightened and also empowered to use whatever they hear from us to make changes in their own lives.

Syleena Johnson: And this might be a little off the wall, but if I was watching us, I would want a safe place to just cry sometimes. I hope that we can create a safe place for women to just be in a Me Too movement in a different way. I really feel like women miss that, especially black women. We’re really missing a nurturing piece from community. You know what I’m saying, so I’m really hoping that we can create a safe space for women to have emotions.

Chanel Nicole Scott: And they also get different perspectives. I mean, each one of us, we’re in different places in our lives, right? Syleena, you’re married.

Vivica A. Fox: Very happily single.

Chanel Nicole Scott: Very happily single and,

Kendra G.: Oh, I’m not available, child.

Chanel Nicol Scott: She’s not available and I’m single and never married and no children, and that’s something that I desire, so you’ll definitely get different perspectives from each of us.

Crowned will premiere on Into The Black Network on Monday, October 2nd at Midnight. The following episodes will premiere weekly. Into The Black Network will be available on iOS and Android devices, Apple TV, YouTube, and Samsung media players. Each episode of Crowned will also feature a live musical guest.

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