See the cover for Mia Sheridan’s Falling for Gage + Read an excerpt

Falling for Gage. Image courtesy Bloom Books
Falling for Gage. Image courtesy Bloom Books /

When it comes to romance books, no one does it like Mia Sheridan. That’s why I was so excited to share the cover for Falling for Gage.

Before getting into that, I’d like to thank Bloom Books for setting this up. I do adore Mia Sheridan and her writing as I’ve come to read a lot of her books this year. She’s an author I wish I would have picked up sooner because she knocks it out of the park constantly.

That’s why seeing her return to Pelion Lake is even more exciting as the last book we got was Travis. This has been one of my favorite reads of the year and honestly, I think the cover of Travis next to Falling for Gage is going to look stunning.

We’ll get into more details but I’m sure you’re here to see the cover so I won’t waste any more time.

See the gorgeous cover of Falling for Gage by Mia Sheridan!

Falling for Gage
Falling for Gage. Image courtesy Bloom Books /

As you can see, blue feels like the theme for the Pelion Lake series and I love it. Falling for Gage next to Travis is going to be beautiful. Okay, maybe I’m the only one envisioning this on my shelves but I’m just excited.

I’m also excited to share a quote from Mia Sheridan about returning to that series and world: “I was so excited to dive into Gage Buchanan’s story, not only because the poor guy had stepped aside for both Archer and Travis and was owed his due, but because I was eager to help the right heroine begin peeling those “perfect” layers apart. I had a ton of fun with this one, and I hope you feel that as you revisit Pelion Lake and watch Aurora flip Gage’s world upside down in ways no one—least of all Gage—expected.” If that doesn’t make you excited, then I’m not sure what else will.

If none of that convinced you to get excited about Falling for Gage, then hopefully this excerpt will but I’d like to thank Mia Sheridan for sharing it with us and once again, Bloom Books for setting this all up. It’s been incredibly fun to see everything come together and finally, be able to talk about this so let’s get into the excerpt.

"I pulled the door open and we all stepped inside, the scent of beer, savory food, various cleaning products and the bare hint of mildew met my nose.There was an ornate hand-carved, mahogany bar to our left with lighted shelves of liquor on the back wall and a row of lanterns hanging above. Customers occupied all six barstools and they swiveled their heads in unison, taking us in as the woman behind the bar with orange hair paused, a silver shaker held immobile in the air.We stood there, dripping on the floor as every head in the place rose, gazes trained in our direction. “Hey,” Trent said with a wave and a smile.No one greeted him back.“I’m not sure this place is as promising as it seemed,” Aiden mumbled.“What do you expect? It’s a dive bar on the docks,” I blurted just as the song on the jukebox switched over to another one, my statement ringing out in the interim silence. The faces still turned in our direction simultaneously morphed into scowls. Shit. That hadn’t come out exactly right, and I certainly hadn’t meant it to be overheard.“The bathroom’s that way,” a female voice said tightly. “If you’d like to clean yourselves up and stop dripping on my floor.”I turned my head to see who’d spoken just as a flash of lightning made the lights flicker slightly. The server who’d spoken was standing with her hands on her hips, lips pressed together as she stared at our feet. I followed her gaze to where the puddle beneath us was growing and spreading. My friends started moving next to me, the rustle of clothing letting me know they were removing the matching nylon windbreakers Trent had brought us and that we’d all pulled on when the tire had blown, in an attempt to stay even partially dry. But for whatever reason, I felt glued to the spot as I raised my head to look back at the young woman.Jet black hair pulled up in a ponytail with tendrils falling around her face. Light blue eyes framed by dark lashes and two perfectly peaked brows. Her full breasts pushed against the white cotton, long-sleeved T-shirt she was wearing, cleavage peeking between two undone buttons.My God. She was stunning.I felt momentarily woozy as if I’d just stepped into some strange dream rather than a grungy bar in a small harbor town on the northern coast of Maine. Aidan bumped into me, and from my peripheral vision, I saw that the windbreaker was stuck over his head, his arms raised as he hopped around, struggling to remove it. The woman met my eyes, clearly waiting for me, as the only one currently not losing the battle with a wet item of clothing, to say something. “Food,” I managed, the word emerging on a croak. God, was I suffering from hypothermia? All my systems seemed to be misfiring at once.She tilted her head, measuring me, those pale eyes moving down my body and then rising slowly. Her lips thinned as though she’d observed something about me that displeased her deeply. I wasn’t used to that reaction. I had come to expect that when a woman’s gaze traveled my body, the response would be joy. Reverence. Yearning.Not disdain.I peered down at myself as though maybe something had changed since I’d last looked. Nope. Still me, but in a sopping, mud streaked pair of khakis, polo shirt, and windbreaker bearing the Harvard logo.“Food?” she repeated. “Do we serve food? Is that what you’re asking, Ivy League?”Ivy League. Okay, I deserved that after my insulting outburst that I hadn’t meant to be insulting or an outburst. Next to me, Trent had managed to get the windbreaker off and shook his head like a dog, water flying out around him and bringing me out of the odd dream-like space I’d been occupying since we walked in the door. Likely the sudden change in weather had caused my body to have to recalibrate in some way I didn’t know how to describe. I gave the woman a pleasant smile. “Yes. Are you still serving food?”She sighed. “The kitchen’s open until ten.” She waved her hand in the general direction of the tables where people had gone back to their conversations, the ring of chatter and laughter filling the space.“Great . . .” I moved my eyes to the nametag she had pinned to her shirt. “Cakes.”She appeared confused for a moment, but then glanced down at her nametag. “The name of the bar is Cakes and Ale,” she clarified. I looked back at the name tag, noticing that the line above—likely her name—had been rubbed off, and apparently the words and Ale had worn off too. “The people here know me,” she said, presumably explaining why her nametag that featured no name was immaterial. She turned and headed away."

Reading this back, this feels like the start of something but I won’t get too in-depth with my thoughts just yet. I’m just excited to be able to share this with all of my fellow readers and hey, maybe Falling for Gage will be your first Mia Sheridan book.

Falling for Gage by Mia Sheridan is slated for release in April 2024. 

Will you be grabbing Falling for Gage when it releases? Do you have a favorite Mia Sheridan book? Share with us in the comments!

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