All The Fighting Parts is an emotionally powerful debut

All The Fighting Parts by Hannah V. Sawyerr. Courtesy: Amulet Books
All The Fighting Parts by Hannah V. Sawyerr. Courtesy: Amulet Books /

Writing a book isn’t easy and that goes double for books written in verse including All the Fighting Parts by Hannah V. Sawyerr.

This is a book I hadn’t heard of until the publisher reached out to me. Regardless, the cover and the blurb immediately hooked me.

This cover is just absolutely stunning and upon reading the book, you’ll see why it was designed that way. In addition, I rarely read books written in verse especially YA so I was excited to dive into All The Fighting Parts.

Before getting into my thoughts, I’d like to thank Amulet Books for sending me a digital ARC to read.

All the Fighting Parts is a stunning novel-in-verse from Hannah V. Sawyerr.

As previously mentioned, writing novels in verse isn’t easy yet Hannah V. Sawyerr made it look easy. All the Fighting Parts follows Amina who is 16 years old, living in Baltimore and just trying to handle life as a teen while grappling with her friends, family, and the grief of losing her mother as a child.

On top of that, she feels pressured to be involved with her church, especially with Pastor Johnson who takes a special interest in her. If you’ve read the blurb, you’ll know that Amina is sexually assaulted by Johnson and everything truly starts to unravel for her. She’s trying to cope with what happened yet nothing seems to be helping.

Every time she feels like she’s getting her head above water, something always pulls her back down and it’s upsetting to read at times. Regardless, I found Amina and her story so compelling that I couldn’t put this book down. I was wishing and hoping for things to work out for her and go the way they were supposed to.

Amina can find her voice, but not before breaking apart. Seeing her come back together and realize her worth again was so satisfying. While I read this one digitally, I absolutely cannot wait to reread it on audiobook as I’m sure it’s going to be a great listen.

What captivated me most about All the Fighting Parts was Hannah V. Sawyerr’s writing. How she managed to capture so much emotion and depth in so few words was astounding. I know this is her debut book but I’m already waiting for her to release more. Hannah V. Sawyerr is a writer to keep on your radar going forward.

As long as you can handle the subject matter, you need to pick up All the Fighting Parts. I don’t read much YA anymore, but this book blew me away.

All The Fighting Parts by Hannah V. Sawyerr is out now where books are sold. 

Will you be grabbing a copy of All The Fighting Parts this fall? Let us know in the comments!

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