The Simpsons season 35 trailer has dropped: Get ready to laugh!

The Simpsons have dominated our TV screens over the last three decades by cementing many iconic couch gags, Bart and Homer shenanigans, and the hilarious family love. In the season 35 trailer, The Simpsons continue their television reign, and the season promises to be epic.

C’mon! Let’s get nuts!” Homer declares in the first second of the trailer. He’s clad in a crossing guard uniform and paired with a bullhorn, ready to take on what season 35 has in store for him, his family, and the rest of Springfield’s citizens.

And what a season they’ll be headed into. We got to see a glimpse of an old fan-favorite, Side Show Bob, as he terrorizes the Simpsons yet again, but it looks like Lisa is giving him a taste of his own medicine. The possibility of Kelsey Grammar returning as Bob will make the upcoming season over the top as he’s a staple on the show.

The lore of Sideshow Bob involves my personal history on the set of Cheers,” Kelsey revealed on the Conan O’Brien Show in 2012. The two men met on The Simpsons set when Conan was a producer in the early 1990s. Kelsey continued with, “I used to sing standards on the set of Cheers because that’s the kind of hairpin that I am, and Sam Simon, who was producing at that point, called me that day, and before I accepted the job [of Sideshow Bob] he said, ‘Kelsey, you used to sing on the [Cheers] set and stuff, do you still do that?’

Kelsey confirmed to the late The Simpsons co-creator (Simon died of colon cancer in 2015) that he still sings a tune on sets, and with the addition of merging Cole Porter songs into Bob and Kelsey basing his voice on actor Ellis Rab. With the ingenuity behind Sideshow Bob, the famous character came to light and would be a prominent face in several episodes.

Then, there are scenes from the Treehouse of Horror 34, a Halloween tradition with the comedy since season two in 1990. Last year, The Simpsons writers and showrunner Al Jean gave the adoring fans a special treat: two Treehouse of Horrors, with the second installment spoofing the Stephen King’s tale, It, with Krusty the Clown as Crusto, the child-hungry clown, preying on the fears of kids.

Other highlights included in the trailer are sneak peeks of a flashback episode, Marge blasting off, and Springfield’s government failing.

Check out the entire trailer below!

Season 35’s premiere episode will be titled “Homer’s Crossing,” and its synopsis is as follows:

Feeling worthless at work, Homer volunteers to be a school crossing guard. But when his safety squad receives too much funding, the crossing guards become a force to be feared.”

Season 35 of The Simpsons will drop on Sunday, October 1st at 8/7 PM CT on Fox. Joining them will be two other Fox hits: Family Guy and Bob’s Burgers.