Salt Kiss is a steamy drama-filled romp from Sierra Simone

Salt Kiss. Image courtesy Bloom Books
Salt Kiss. Image courtesy Bloom Books /

Sierra Simone is one of those romance authors who has an acquired taste. That’s why I was so excited to try out Salt Kiss.

I don’t have the best history with this author but after her books got picked up by Bloom, I decided to try again. I’m happy I did as I ended up, enjoying them much more and thus it led to Salt Kiss.

If you’re familiar with Sierra Simone’s backlist, you’ll know that Salt Kiss is part of her New Camelot world but you don’t have to read those books before you read this. It is better if you read those as you’ll be spoiled for major plot points from the New Camelot books.

That said, I’d like to thank Bloom Books for giving me a digital ARC to read early so I could review it for all of you.

Salt Kiss by Sierra Simone is a seductive web you’ll want to be weaved in.

When picking up a Sierra Simone book, we have ideas of what it’s going to be yet Salt Kiss feels unique. The book begins with Tristan Thomas who is hired by his stepmother’s brother to be his new bodyguard. The brother is Mark Trevana who was featured in the New Camelot series and owns a kink club called Lyonesse.

While things seem innocent enough at first, it’s clear Tristan is attracted to Mark. Eventually, he decides to act on his attraction and the two start up an incredibly intense relationship. Mark is extremely dominant and possessive of Tristan. We watch their relationship flourish both in and out of the bedroom with both of them taking care of each other including when Mark is injured towards the mid-point of the story.

Tristan can’t stop his feelings and starts to fall in love with Mark before finding out the harsh truth that he’s engaged. Tristan is hurt and ends things but not before Mark tasks him with picking up his blushing bride-to-be. Upon meeting Isolde, Tristan can’t stop his attraction towards her so from there, it becomes a cat-and-mouse game between Isolde and Tristan to resist each other and be faithful to their promises to Mark.

As always, the spice in these books is amazing because Sierra Simone is the smut queen. She knows how to write a good sex scene. The way she writes them showcases the relationship and connection between the characters which I adore. I also loved Tristan’s character as he was so tender-hearted and did things even knowing that he’d likely be hurt in the end.

Then there was the choice to add Isolde in the end. It was such a smart move and honestly, makes me even more excited for book 2. Considering how Salt Kiss ended, I hope we don’t have to wait much longer for the next one.

I only really have two complaints about Salt Kiss. First, the book felt too slow-paced in the middle. I wish we would have gotten more action or something to help bring up that mid-point slump. Second, I didn’t love Mark as a character and his relationships with Tristan and Isolde. Maybe it’ll get better in the next book but he never really wowed me.

As a new-found Sierra Simone reader and lover, I’m happy to have read Salt Kiss. I think this has the potential to be another huge hit for her. Plus it’s another retelling which Sierra Simone does great at. It was everything you love in a Sierra Simone book while also being something fresh and new.

Salt Kiss by Sierra Simone is out now wherever your favorite books are sold!

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