Nalini Singh answers our questions about Resonance Surge and her work

Resonance Surge by Nalini Singh. Image Courtesy of Berkley
Resonance Surge by Nalini Singh. Image Courtesy of Berkley /

In July, Nalini Singh released book seven of the Psy-Changeling Trinity series, Resonance Surge. And we had the chance to ask the author some questions.

Considering the popularity of Singh and her work, it makes sense that we wanted to ask her more about not only Resonance Surge itself but also her inspiration when it comes to the paranormal nature of her stories and even what she hopes her readers take away from her work.

So what did Nalini Singh share with us about her work in general and of course her latest release, Resonance Surge? Read on to find out.

Nalini Singh on her latest book and the stories she creates for her readers

Culturess: What made you want to write a dual romance story for this installment of your Psy-Changeling Trinity series?

Nalini Singh: “It happened organically – with Yakov and Pavel being twins who have a strong sibling bond, it made sense that they’d be an integral part of each other’s lives and stories. As a result, I knew their love interests would end up meeting and interacting at some point, too. All their lives are entwined in the sense of friendship and family, and it was really fun to write their romances side by side.”

C: What was your favorite part of writing about these twins and how their lives are diverging from
each other?

NS: “I love writing relationships of all kinds – with Pavel and Yakov, I got to go deep into a sibling bond that has existed literally from the moment of birth for both of them. Despite that, they’re two very different men. I never had trouble writing from either’s point of view – they have unique  personalities of their own, despite growing up together in the bear den, in the same environment  and with the same people.

Then we have Theo and Pax, who at first appear utterly opposite to Yakov and Pavel. Their bond was fractured at a young age, causing damaging effects that linger to this day. They’re more tentative with each other, their relationship as adults a complex mixture of loyalty, secrets, and anger. But as Yakov and Pavel would die for each other, it turns out that Pax would die for Theo and vice versa. The dynamics fascinate me.”

C: Do you think Resonance Surge is a good introduction for new readers to your work?

NS: “If a reader is reading strictly for the romance, then yes, they’ll be fine – however, my books have a powerful overarching backstory that continues from book to book. My advice to readers seeking to try the series would be to pick up Silver Silence. It lays the groundwork for many of the characters in this book, and is a much better introduction to the world.”

C: What inspires you when it comes to your paranormal writing?

NS: “I love “what if” questions. What if we were true telepaths? What pressure would that put on our minds? What if that pressure drove us mad? What would we do to survive? Those questions led to the Psy and to the Psy-Changeling series. Still other what if questions and ponderings lead me into other worlds.”

C: What is one thing you hope your readers take away from reading your work?

NS: “I hope they become immersed in the world, so that it and the characters who inhabit it appear real, the entirety of the story written in technicolor inside the reader’s mind.”

C: Who is your biggest inspiration?

NS: “It’s difficult for me to point to one author because I read so widely, but Anne McCaffrey left a huge mark. Her worlds completely enraptured me – while reading her Pern books, I expected to look up and see dragons flying overhead. She showed me what it was to be a good worldbuilder by example. I didn’t even realize I was learning that lesson from her until long after I was published.”

C: As an author, what’s the best part of a new release?

NS: “The excitement of readers discovering the story for the first time. There’s such a beautiful energy to it, so much warmth and joy.”

Resonance Surge by Nalini Singh is out now across all booksellers.

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