Elfster will help make your book club even more fun

Elfster Logo. Image Courtesy of Elfster.
Elfster Logo. Image Courtesy of Elfster. /

When it comes to making decisions, sometimes you want it out of your hands. That’s where Elfster comes in.

It might even come in handy when you’re hosting a book club or just want to spice things up among friends. While it’s described as many things, it’s known for being an Online Secret Santa Generator along with a Christmas List creator.

Essentially, it’s a catch-all for those who are planning for Christmas which is coming up faster than we know. It’s also great for having random gift exchanges at work or as mentioned before, it could be a great one for book club.

While book clubs tend to talk about just one book or a series of books, sometimes it’s nice to mix things up and lean into the #BookTok side of things.

Use Elfster to jazz up your next book club meeting and more!

When it comes to using this for a book club, there are a lot of options playing out in my mind. I mean the most obvious one is for a gift exchange. However, you can take it to the next level by picking a genre out of that person’s comfort zone, getting them a signed book by a favorite author, or just buying them a book you think you’ll enjoy.

Additionally, Elfster allows you to add things such as drinks, candles, and more to complete that cozy fall reading experience. In keeping with the BookTok theme, you could go to the other person’s “For You” page and scroll until you find a book for them. I mean as long as they’re comfortable allowing you to see their FY, then you should be good.

There is no shortage of fun ways to use Elfster at your next book club meeting. It’s also a great way to learn more about your fellow members and to find some new recommendations you might not have thought about. Regardless, Elfster is one of those apps that could splash things up without rocking the boat. Plus if you pop over to see one of Elfster’s latest blog articles, you’ll see some fun books to help give you ideas.

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