See the 2023 Barbie Career of the Year Doll collection

Barbie Women in Sports. Image courtesy Mattel
Barbie Women in Sports. Image courtesy Mattel /

Everyone wants to see themselves in Barbie form and the brand knows it. That’s why I’m so excited to feature the 2023 Career of the Year Collection.

While some want to get their hands on the movie collection, others are craving something a bit different. That’s why getting to share this is so special to me as someone who once had dreams of doing these jobs.

For 2023, the Career of the Year collection is Women in Sports and there is no shortage of options for those women who are currently working in sports or have aspirations of eventually becoming a career woman in sports.

With that being said, let’s get into the different dolls featured in the collection and where you can buy them.

Barbie shares its incredible 2023 Career of the Year doll collection.

Barbie Women in Sports. Image courtesy Mattel /

With the collection being “Women in Sports,” there are a lot more options than you might imagine. Starting the lineup are the General Manager Barbie who is wearing a blue pinstriped suit and looks ready to make some tough decisions and Coach Barbie who is clad in a matching jacket and shorts set along with a playbook, headset, and more. Next up is Referee Barbie which includes the classic referee outfit, headset, yellow flag, and whistle, and lastly is the Sports Reporter Barbie who is clad in a purple peplum dress complete with notebook and microphone.

I don’t know about you, but I adore this collection and I might end up buying one for me and one for my niece. As someone who was a sports reporter in the past and still enjoys sports, this is so special to me. Honestly, I got emotional seeing these Barbies and I know I’ll be adding them to my cart.

In addition, Barbie is partnering with “Voice In Sport” which helps girls and women both be connected to sports and feel seen in their sports roles. This team-up will also feature a 45-minute virtual mentoring session for those interested in a career in sports. The session is going to be held from September 12th from 5 pm-6 pm PST. Girls between the ages of 12-13 can sign up at the website featured.

Whether you’re a woman in sports or know a girl who wants to be one, this collection is available now on Mattel’s website. The suggested retail price for these is $49.99 and joins the lineup of other career collections including 2022’s Eco-Leadership. All in all, I’m incredibly excited about this collection and I know a lot of other women and girls will be, too.

What do you think, Barbie fans? Will you be picking up the 2023 Career of the Year Collection dolls?

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