Fly with Me by Andie Burke is an amazing sapphic romance

Fly With Me. Image courtesy St. Martin's Griffin
Fly With Me. Image courtesy St. Martin's Griffin /

Sometimes, a concept for a book just grips you and that’s exactly how I felt about Fly with Me by Andie Burke.

This is also Andie Burke’s debut book and is a sapphic romance which is a rarity in the romance community. While there have been some solid ones, it feels like sapphic romances never get as much love as they deserve.

With that being said, I was so excited to pick this book up and to see if Andie Burke was going to dazzle me with her debut.

I won’t get into the details just yet, but I’d like to thank St. Martin’s Griffin for sending a physical ARC of this one as I ended up devouring it in two sittings.

Fly with Me by Andie Burke is a hard-hitting yet hopeful romance.

Fly with Me begins with Olive trying to get over her fear of flying with everything going wrong including an in-flight medical emergency. As a nurse, Olive can help and save the gentleman’s life which gets her a bit of publicity and the attention of Stella.

Stella Soriano is a pilot and she agrees to give Olive a ride to Disney after her flight is canceled. From there, the two have an immediate connection and eventually decide to fake-date to help each other. As with most fake-dating stories, things quickly turn real for both of them.

The romance between Stella and Olive is undeniable to everyone but those two. The way Andie Burke wrote their chemistry was amazing. These two had so much sexual tension and mutual admiration for each other, that I felt like I was going to catch on fire.

Regardless, Fly with Me isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Olive is dealing with her brother being kept alive after a tragic accident against his wishes. As for Stella, she’s trying to make captain for her father who is battling Parkinson’s. These two are dealing with a lot aside from the romance which made them feel like such realistic characters.

Fly with Me surprised me in so many ways and honestly would have been a perfect read if not for the pacing towards the end. While I do think some books benefit from a third-act conflict, it felt like these two could not catch a break. I felt so sad for them and I just wanted to give them both hugs.

Whether you’re looking for a new sapphic romance, want some fun fake-dating, or need a new author to try, I know I’ll be recommending Fly with Me beyond this year and until we get another release from Andie Burke. Plus it shares a title with a Jonas Brothers song. There was no way I wasn’t going to like it.

Fly with Me by Andie Burke is out now at your favorite bookstore!

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