Is the DMV closed on Labor Day? (2023)

Labor Day weekend has officially arrived! While the holiday might not be known for barbecues and celebrations, its arrival means a day off from work which can be a perfect time to catch up on items from your to-do list by taking care of some errands.

However, because of the holiday, there can be some limitations to what items can be taken care of due to the closures of certain businesses. For example, if you’re hoping to finally ship that package you’ve been meaning to mail you’re going to have to wait due to the post office being closed for the holiday. The same goes for any errands that involve a trip to the bank, as those are also closed on Labor Day.

So what if your to-do list happens to involve a trip to your local Department of Motor Vehicles office to take care of a task such as taking a driver’s test or renewing your license? Can you head to the DMV on Sept. 4 or will you find that they’re also closed too?

Is the DMV closed on Labor Day? (2023)

If you were hoping to take care of something at the Department of Motor Vehicles on Labor Day, we regret to inform you that DMV offices across the US will not be open on Sept. 4, 2023, in observance of the holiday.

As such, you’ll need to wait until Tuesday, Sept. 5, to head out to take care of any business you have at the DMV.

The good news is most stores will be open so if you need to pick up any odds and ends, tend to any home repairs, etc., you can still cross some items off your list. You can also still enjoy a meal out at your favorite restaurants as there won’t be any major chains closed for the holiday either!