King of Pride is an absolute stunner from Ana Huang

King of Pride by Ana Huang. Image Courtesy of Bloom Books
King of Pride by Ana Huang. Image Courtesy of Bloom Books /

There are some romance authors whose books you read and immediately love. That’s exactly how I feel about Ana Huang and her latest release: King of Pride.

You might recognize Huang from her other series which is the Twisted series and now she’s moving on to an entirely different series. Thankfully, there are still some great cameos of our favorites from the Twisted series.

Entitled the Kings of Sin series, each book follows a different man who is assigned to sin and then the romance they have. The first book was King of Wrath which is Dante and Vivian’s story and now, it’s King of Pride which is Kai and Isabella’s story.

Despite being the second book in the Kings of Sin series, I think I might have loved this one even more than the first. I’d like to thank Bloom Books for sending me a copy!

King of Pride is a smart and sexy opposites attract romance.

Within each of these books, you get a small preview of the next romance and we got a taste of Kai and Isabella in the previous books. This time though, we get to know these two as Kai is a successful businessman and he is vying to be CEO of his family’s company. Meanwhile, Isabella is a carefree bartender at the Valhalla Club along with trying to become an author.

These two couldn’t be more different yet the chemistry between them is off-the-charts. While I adored seeing Kai so buttoned up, it was nothing compared to seeing him undone by Isabella and watching these two succumb to their desire for each other, it was delicious. I adored seeing their relationship play out throughout the story.

Other than that, I adored seeing Kai and Isabella both grow and change. For Kai, he needed to be humbled and realize just how prideful he was. Meanwhile, Isabella needs to learn to believe in herself and her work. It was nice to see these two imperfect people decide to be together and take steps to make it happen.

Ultimately, the only issue I had with King of Pride was that the third-act conflict and the messiness felt out of place. Maybe it was just me, but it felt like too much drama all at once and I wish it would have been more spread-out. Regardless, I adored Kai and Isabella’s relationship along with Ana Huang’s amazing writing.

This series is so compulsively readable and I can’t wait for King of Greed which is a marriage-in-trouble story. I know Ana Huang is gonna knock this one out of the park and I just can’t wait to read it.

King of Pride by Ana Huang is out now where your favorite books are sold. 

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