Curves For Days is an adorable debut romance novel

Curves for Days by Laura Moher. Image Courtesy of Sourcebooks Casablanca.
Curves for Days by Laura Moher. Image Courtesy of Sourcebooks Casablanca. /

There is something about a beautiful cover that draws your eye. Curves for Days by Laura Moher is exactly that.

Looking at the cover for this one made it an instant must-read. I feel like we rarely see romance book covers with curvy or fat heroines on them so having this one just feels so special.

Coupled with the fact that this book is a debut, I was vastly excited to dive into it and learn not only about the woman on the cover but the romance she would eventually have and this one did not disappoint.

Of course, I’d like to thank Sourcebooks Casablanca for sending me an ARC so I could read this one early and review it for all of you.

Curves for Days is an adorable small-town romance with a curvy heroine.

Heading into Curves for Days, I was blown away by the cover but we’re here to talk about the inside of the book. This book follows Rose who wins the lottery and eventually has to move away so she’ll stop being harassed. Of course, her getaway isn’t nearly as smooth as she’d like since she runs into a grumpy townie who helps her out and directs her to a B&B.

From there, Rose starts to get her footing including finding friends, establishing a routine, and eventually, buying a house. Who is helping her to renovate a said house? It’s none other than the grumpy townie, Angus. From the moment these two meet, there is an instant connection and a friendship turns into a relationship before our very eyes.

While the book does focus a lot on their relationship, it’s also a lot about Rose making decisions for herself. She’s trying to figure out how to manage the money she won, figuring out her career path, and even, learning to be confident in her body. We do see a lot of past trauma Rose has dealt with concerning her body if you’re sensitive to that.

Rose isn’t the only one dealing with a lot as Angus is a veteran who is slowly getting his life back after a divorce and readjusting to civilian life. At times, the cute cover doesn’t portray all of the tough topics such as grief, survivor’s guilt, sexual assault, and body-shaming. Regardless, it all comes together to make for a delightful romance.

My only complaint was that the ending felt a bit rushed and also slightly dramatic. I feel like these two moved incredibly fast once their relationship started and the conflict felt a bit overblown. Then again, that might just be the kinks getting worked out by a debut author so it didn’t hamper my enjoyment that much.

Either way, Curves for Days was incredibly fun and a great one for summer. This is also the start of a new series called Big Love from Galway. I just can’t wait to dive into book 2 and see who it follows.

Curves for Days by Laura Moher is out now where your favorite books are sold. 

Are you a sucker for the cover of Curves for Days? Let us know in the comments!

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