Spin Genie shares the most successful TV shows list

Season 8, episode 6/series finale (debut 5/19/19): Photo: Courtesy of HBO
Season 8, episode 6/series finale (debut 5/19/19): Photo: Courtesy of HBO /

Everyone has different markers of success and for TV shows, it isn’t always easy to figure out but with some shows, it’s just obvious.

There are certain TV shows that you know were successful as evidenced by the cultural impact or by IMBD scores or even, Google searches. I know there are a few shows that come to mind when I think of changing the landscape of TV.

Thankfully, we don’t have to do the research as our friends at Spin Genie did it for us and compiled a list of the top 10 most successful TV shows of all time. I’ll get into the factors in a second, but I just wanted to thank them for their hard work as I’m sure it wasn’t easy.

Before getting into the full list though, I’d like to know if you have any guesses on which TV shows are going to cut.

These 10 TV Shows are the most successful according to Spin Genie.

As I mentioned, there are a few factors that went into this. The marker used was how much the budget was for the pilot. That one would seem obvious but then you move into other metrics such as Google Searches, Instagram Posts, and TikTok Views. All in all, social media can a huge indicator of how successful a series will be.

Last but not least, the final two indicators were the show’s IMBD score and the success score so let’s break it down. Unsurprisingly, first place on the list was Game of Thrones. The HBO series had a chokehold on fans and remains one of the most talked-about TV shows of all time. In keeping with the same vein, Stranger Things is in second place and the resurgence of “Running Up That Hill” is enough to showcase that.

Keeping with some relatively newer series, #3 is Disney+’s The Mandalorian and then coming in at #4 is The Walking Dead. Both of these franchises are beloved and fans are still talking about them, theorizing about characters, and even, dressing up like them for Halloween. Most of these aren’t surprising as a lot of these shows are heavily talked about no matter if they’re still airing or not.

Narcos took the 5th place spot and as a Netflix original, this one blew up for good reason. As you can see, streaming makes a big difference for a majority of this list, and on the whole, so does Netflix as tied for #6 are Bridgerton and Westworld. Despite being vastly different shows, fans were captivated by the performances, characters, and sets although Westworld didn’t get the ending it deserved.

Netflix is rounding out the rest of the list with #8 being The Witcher, #9 being House of Cards and #10 being The Crown. Streaming has truly impacted how all of us consume our favorite TV shows as evidenced by the list.

While some of the shows didn’t surprise me, I was shocked to see Bridgerton cutting but that’s exciting. If anything, it should push Netflix to adapt more historical romances or so we can hope. I’d love to know what you thought of this list and if you think any shows are missing.

Were you surprised by the 10 TV shows featured on this list? Let us know in the comments!

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