Killing It Season 2 exclusive clip: Unexpected visitors create another bump in the road

KILLING IT -- "What You Sow" Episode 201 -- Pictured: (l-r) Claudia O'Doherty as Jillian, Craig Robinson as Craig -- (Photo by: Adam Rose/PEACOCK/UTV/USG)
KILLING IT -- "What You Sow" Episode 201 -- Pictured: (l-r) Claudia O'Doherty as Jillian, Craig Robinson as Craig -- (Photo by: Adam Rose/PEACOCK/UTV/USG) /

For many people who dream of making it big, the road to the top is often filled with more potholes that smooth pathways. As seen in this Killing It Season 2 exclusive clip, Craig’s unexpected visitors put another wrench in his carefully laid plans.

While Peacock’s Killing It Season 1 saw Craig earn the big python capture prize for his farm’s seed money, the triumph might be short lived. Although many people see money as the problem solver, nothing is quite that simple in the world of an aspiring entrepreneur.

In Killing It Season 2 episode 1, “What You Sow,” Craig thinks that he has planted the cash crop of his dreams, but the reality is far different. According to Peacock, the episode description says, “Craig and Jillian prepare for the farm’s first shipment of saw palmetto berries, but a series of unexpected visitors puts everything they’ve worked for in jeopardy; a new employee is a thorn in their side.”

Peacock has provided this Killing It Season 2 exclusive clip that has a big reveal.

As seen in the clip, Camille reveals that she’s a surrogate. While the moment might be a nod to that old notion of never asking a woman if she’s pregnant, there is no avoiding this subject matter. The banter back and forth about the pregnancy goes from one extreme to another. It is unclear if Craig would have preferred that Camille moved on with another man.

But, the moment is rooted in another component of this season’s American Dream theme. Camille choosing to bear a child for a large sum of money may not be that far removed from Craig choosing to hunt pythons to get his cash cow. $60,000 is a substantial sum and it could be another step up to a higher standing.

Another layer in this conversation is the money being put into an education fund. That idea that education leads to success is at play. Whether or not the college degree is the entry point to a higher paying job can be debated. Still, it is another chapter in that American Dream story.

Of course, Killing It Season 2 finds ways to bring the humor to even the most uncomfortable situations. Being able to laugh in times of strife can make the moment a little more bearable. Or, it can also be a mask to hide the pain. The real story will only unfold as the season progresses.

What does the Killing It Season 2 exclusive clip really tell the Peacock audience? Everyone will have to watch all the eight, 30 minute episodes to find out. Like the American Dream, the answer is not a given but it is a journey that many people are willing to take.

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