Holly Horror is a scarily fun take on a classic character

Holly Horror by Michelle Jabes Corpora. Image Courtesy of Penguin Workshop.
Holly Horror by Michelle Jabes Corpora. Image Courtesy of Penguin Workshop. /

Sometimes you hear about a book and you know you have to read it. That’s exactly how I felt about Holly Horror by Michelle Jabes Corpora.

Hearing that this was a young-adult story featuring Holly Hobbie and it was a horror? I was all in from that point and the fact that I shared a birthday with the book? I was sold.

Thankfully, the lovely people at Penguin were happy to send me a physical ARC and I devoured it in two sittings. The first sitting was at night which was a mistake but I finished it in the light of day.

Whether you’re diving into this book during the day or at night, you’re bound to get sucked in and find out why Holly Horror is such a fun read for summer.

Holly Horror is a spookily fun book for young adult readers.

Let me start by saying that I had known about Holly Hobbie from my mother and I knew there was an animated series. Other than that, I completely went into this book without knowing much and I don’t think you should. If anything, it might color your reading experience differently.

No matter, Holly Horror follows Evie Archer whose parents are recently divorced so her mother decides to move her and her brother to Hobbie House. The house was previously owned by Evie’s mother’s aunt and uncle but is being taken over by Evie’s aunt now.

Immediately upon seeing the house and being in there, Evie can tell something is off yet her mother is so happy to have a fresh start. Meanwhile, Evie’s brother, Stan is quick to fall into a crowd while Evie is dealing with hearing voices, things being moved, and generally feeling terrified in her own home.

It’s not all bad though as Evie is doing great in her Family Consumer Science class, is making a few friends, and even catches the attention of Desmond King. All good things come to an end though as Evie becomes obsessed with finding out what happened to Holly and if the same thing will happen to her.

I won’t give away too much about the mystery and what we find out because I was genuinely shocked by it. I don’t read much horror, young adult or otherwise but I feel like the author built so much suspense and everything just felt so atmosphere and creepy which worked perfectly.

While this isn’t typically the type of book I’d pick up, I’m glad I did because it surprised me with how atmospheric and twisty it was. Considering how the book ended, I know we’ll be getting a sequel but I’m just excited to what happens next.

I think that if you grew up with Holly Hobbie, you’ll enjoy this one but even if you know nothing about her, you’ll enjoy it, too. I know I did.

Holly Horror by Michelle Jabes Corpora is out now wherever books are sold.

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