Stephen Amell says Jack Spade will right his decisions in Heels Season 2, interview

Stephen Amell ("Jack Spade”) in Heels season 2. Image courtesy Daniel Delgado, Heels © 2022 Starz Entertainment, LLC
Stephen Amell ("Jack Spade”) in Heels season 2. Image courtesy Daniel Delgado, Heels © 2022 Starz Entertainment, LLC /

As Heels Season 2 develops its storyline, Jack Spade, played by Stephen Amell has a hand in every part. In or out of the ring, the Duffy Wrestling League’s leader might feel the weight of the world on his shoulders. With so many questions lingering in the air, can he find a way to pin down the best path?

During a roundtable interview conducted before the SAG-AFTRA strike, Amell discussed Heels Season 2. While the actor has stepped into the ring outside of this STARZ show, the Jack Spade character is more than just any wrestler. During Season 1, Jack made some questionable decisions. Although the DWL might be a family business, business should never come before family.

When asked if Heels Season 2 would see Jack start to regret his previous decisions and potentially repair his relationships, Stephen Amell offered this candid response. Simply stated, he said 100% yes.

“After what should have been the biggest triumph of his life, he comes home to an empty house. His brother’s not there, his wife’s not there, his son’s not here, his mother’s not there, his father certain is not there, Willie’s not there, no one from the DWL is there. He’s alone. His Season 1 broken brain logic left him empty.”

“What did he accomplish? He’s got nothing at the end of the day. He’s not walking home to a wife and a child that love him, a brother who respects him, a mom who wants to talk to him or wrestlers that respect him as a boss. What does he have?”

“Having that real shift and split right off the hump is really exciting as a character. This guy needs to clean up his act. After dropping that bomb, he has to change. He has no other choice. Otherwise, there is nothing.”

Stephen Amell Heels Season 2
Stephen Amell (“Jack Spade”) in Heels season 2. Image courtesy Daniel Delgado, Heels © 2022 Starz Entertainment, LLC /

As the season unfolds, Jack has to balance his professional responsibilities and his personal ones. With Crystal taking the title at the end of Season 1, her character, as well as Willie, is no longer the humor around the ring or just the voice in the shadows. The women are asserting their voices, and Jack, as well as the rest of the DWL, need to hear them.

Amell commented that the DWL crowd heard and resonated with Crystal’s presence in the ring. It wasn’t about becoming the relief or the cheerleader to the men. It was about her taking charge and the DWL is ready for it. The time for the gimmicks is gone. The evolution is here, and Jack needs to get on board for the ride. If he does, the other wrestlers will follow.

As Heels Season 2 plays out, it seems that Jack will have to continue to make tough decisions. From dealing with his past to finding the balance in his future, the bounce off the side of the ring might be a metaphor for the constantly changing world around him. He might want to fly off the top rope, but it might not be the best move.

How will Jack Spade handle it all? Heels Season 2 airs on STARZ. New episode airs Friday nights on STARZ.

Stephen Amell participated in this roundtable interview as part of a press junket held before the start of the SAG-AFTRA strike.

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