Cruel Summer: Megan And Isabella Get Answers During A Revenge Plan

CRUEL SUMMER - ÒWelcome to ChathamÓ - In Summer 1999, small-town computer genius Megan resents the arrival of outgoing and mysterious foreign exchange student Isabella. Little does she know how her life will change by Summer 2000. (Freeform/Justine Yeung)LEXI UNDERWOOD
CRUEL SUMMER - ÒWelcome to ChathamÓ - In Summer 1999, small-town computer genius Megan resents the arrival of outgoing and mysterious foreign exchange student Isabella. Little does she know how her life will change by Summer 2000. (Freeform/Justine Yeung)LEXI UNDERWOOD /

Isabella and Megan are willing to take their revenge to dangerous new levels in “Confess Your Sins.” Cruel Summer’s second season has examined the intricacies of the complex friendship between Megan and Isabella, each of their romances with Luke, and how the reveal of a sex tape changed their lives forever.

But, after overhearing Luke boast, brag, and lie about how he is simultaneously dating both girls and having them eat out of the palm of his hand, Megan has had enough, and she and Isabella devise a plan to confront Luke directly about his behavior.

As it turns out, Luke’s kind boy-next-door persona is the biggest lie he has to offer. Luke is not nearly the kind person he claims to be, and instead, all of his lies and manipulations have caught up to him.

There have been signs of Luke’s deception. He lies about Isabella being the one to initiate the kiss between him and Isabella at the Plunge. Luke tries to manipulate Megan into believing that Isabella is easily jealous and wants to break them up. He convinces Isabella that telling Megan the truth about them having sex would hurt Megan deeply.

Once Megan gets Luke to the cabin, things escalate quickly. Megan does not waste much time before tricking Luke into allowing himself to be tied up before Isabella arrives, and Luke realizes that something else is happening here.

Although Isabella and Megan only know at this point that Luke has been lying about the kiss and spreading false rumors about the girls, they determine that the easiest way to get Luke to reveal the truth is to fill him with alcohol and drugs. He could not convincingly lie while intoxicated, and their makeshift truth serum has the desired effect, with a few extra details neither had anticipated.

Luke effectively ruins the trust that either girl had in him when Luke reveals all he had done. While Megan and Isabella had felt the emotional ramifications of the sex tape leaking and all the shaming and insults that have come with it, Luke has been the big man in town.

The boys look at him as a hero, and Luke’s desire to be seen as a man beat out his loyalty or care for either of the two girls he is trapped in the situation with. Luke either did not think about the effect the lies would have on Isabella and Megan, or he simply did not care as long as he looked good.

Luke is a villain disguised as a good guy. A typical “nice guy” that has the potential to manipulate, deceive, and gaslight others because no one would think he is as bad as his father and brother. Except Luke is just as bad as they are.

In fact, all three of the Chambers continue to show themselves to be a trio of problematic men. In addition to Luke’s lies about Megan and Isabella, Brent pulls on the strings of Isabella’s bikini, then makes comments about how she wanted him to do it when she is clearly uncomfortable. Brent disregards Isabella’s feelings, ignoring them for the sake of his own enjoyment, and his father is not helpful either.

Steve Chambers has had a habit of enabling Brent and Luke’s behavior and only being angry about it when it affects his reputation. Steve covers up Brent’s sex tapes, not allowing Brent to face legitimate consequences for his actions when he deserves to. Steve himself has also set an example of being damaging toward women, which includes ignoring Isabella’s discomfort after Isabella and Brent’s confrontation.

Not only did Luke know that Brent was making sex tapes of others and where he did it, but Luke admitted that he did the same to Megan.

Megan had been horrified and humiliated by the tape. So, one of the biggest mysteries had been trying to determine who had recorded them. While the mystery was thought to have been solved given Brent’s past of the same behavior, Luke reveals that it was not his brother but Luke who had recorded him and Megan having sex. Luke had made the tape without Megan’s knowledge and consent.

After all Luke had done, he deserved to be caught and outed for his actions. Luke played a role in the unraveling of Megan and Isabella’s friendship and their belief in feeling safe in the town they lived in.

Megan is rightfully horrified at the discovery, and while Luke claims he was not responsible for playing the tape at the party, that can not undo the trust he would have lost from both girls.

However, how he died remains hanging in the air. As of “Confess Your Sins,” Luke has not been brought to the water and drowned yet. But Isabella does bring out a gun. Did the bullet hit Luke? Or was it just meant to scare him into admitting that he had told Isabella to lie to Megan about what really happened between them?

Isabella and Megan clearly have plenty of secrets to hide about what really happened between the three of them. But there is always time and space to flip the script and come out with more surprising plot twists.

With only two episodes left in season two, Cruel Summer has plenty of time to explore each character further and explore different perspectives and motives for what could have resulted in Luke’s death.

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