To Have and To Heist is part comedy, part heist, and part romance all rolled into one

To Have and To Heist by Sara Desai. Image courtesy Penguin Random House
To Have and To Heist by Sara Desai. Image courtesy Penguin Random House /

Sara Desai’s To Have and To Heist is a fun romp with an epic heist, multiple twists and turns, and a steamy romance. What more could you want? The story follows Simi Chopra as she goes from a young adult just trying to make it in life without her parents forcing suitors on her to the leader of a crew set to steal a necklace from a mob boss. She takes adulting to a new level.

It all begins when Simi has to save her best friend Chloe from becoming an unknowing criminal. But before she gets them both in trouble, she is grabbed and dragged into the bushes. Luckily, her would-be kidnapper (Jack) doesn’t wish her any harm. He’s just trying to save her from herself. And the sparks between them fly.

Simi doesn’t expect to see him again and she’s too busy trying to keep Chloe out of jail. But when an opportunity hits for Simi, Chloe, and their new ragtag crew of misfits to steal back the necklace Chloe is being accused of stealing, they take their shot. And if Simi gets to become closer to Jack, even better.

To Have and To Heist is full of surprises. In the beginning, I thought I was going to hate this book. Simi is instantly attracted to Jack and he just dragged her into the bushes. What?!?! Come on, Simi. I can’t believe any modern woman would be like “Oh, this guy is hot” if they got pulled into the woods by a strange man. And Simi watches true crime with her landlady Rose!!

To Have and To Heist perfectly combines a rom-com with a heist thriller

But I quickly forgot about this when we got to the heist planning. The ragtag crew is absolutely delightful and their plans are hilarious, filled with amazing banter, and incredibly dangerous. The group had everything you want from a heist crew except they are all pretty much amateurs and their antics are delightful.

I also enjoyed Jack and Simi’s relationship, although it would have been great to see more of him. He goes missing quite a bit throughout the book. That being said, Jack and Simi’s intimate scenes are hot AF and not to be missed.

Overall, To Have and To Heist by Sara Desai is a wonderfully fun and thrilling read. If you are looking for a beach read, this is absolutely perfect.

To Have and To Heist is available now in paperback, ebook, and audiobook formats.

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