Harlequin’s Afterglow Books is an exciting new imprint

Afterglow Books Logo. Image Courtesy of Harlequin
Afterglow Books Logo. Image Courtesy of Harlequin /

Harlequin has been publishing romances for decades and the publishing company recently introduced a new imprint called Afterglow Books.

If you’re a romance reader, I’m sure you’re familiar with Harlequin. If you’re not, then these new titles might be more your speed. The publishing house shared some info and even gave us a look at some covers of its upcoming releases.

While you can visit the adorable website for the imprint, the tagline for it is simple: “From showing up to glowing up, these characters are on the path to leading their best lives and finding sizzling romance along the way.” As a romance reader, I can’t help but get excited about these new titles coming in 2024 in Afterglow Books.

This new imprint has been announced but there won’t be any books published until 2024 so thankfully, we don’t have to wait much longer. There are a lot of exciting authors and projects coming up so let’s get into those.

Afterglow Books is an exciting new journey for Harlequin and its readers.

Before getting into the titles coming in 2024, I wanted to share a statement from Stacy Boyd who is a senior editor for the imprint: “Our authors have crafted romantic stories with so much realism and relatability that we believe readers will see themselves in Afterglow characters and their journeys.” I feel like there’s something so powerful in what she said as all of us want to see ourselves within the pages of our favorite romance books.

Afterglow Books is going to be publishing 2 titles a month starting in January 2024 and the publisher was kind enough to share covers with us so let’s get into January’s two releases which are both coming out on January 23rd, 2024.

The Fake Dating Game
The Fake Dating Game by Timothy Janovsky. Image Courtesy of Harlequin. /

1. The (Fake) Dating Game by Timothy Janovsky (Jan. 23, 2024)

The first book coming out from the imprint is The (Fake) Dating Game by Timothy Janovsky. This author is known for his m/m romances. His 2024 with Afterglow Books is about Holden and Leo who have undeniable chemistry, so much so that they agree to fake date. The only caveat is that they’re auditioning for a game show, Madcap Market. Honestly, this one sounds like so much fun and as someone who loves games shows, I’m completely on board.

The Bookbinders Guide to Love
The Bookbinders Guide to Love by Katherine Garbera. Image Courtesy of Harlequin. /

2. The Bookbinders Guide to Love by Katherine Garbera (Jan. 23, 2024)

The second release for January is The Bookbinders Guide to Love by Katherine Garbera. This one is a witchy romance following Serafina and Wes who meet under some sad circumstances yet Wes can’t help but be suspicious of Serafina. Eventually, the two come to a compromise and the story goes from there. Honestly, this one sounds like a lot of fun and is one I’m definitely looking forward to in January.

Frenemy Fix-Up
Frenemy Fix-Up by Yahrah St. John. Image Courtesy of Harlequin. /

3. Frenemy Fix-Up by Yahrah St. John (Feb. 20, 2024)

Moving onto the February Afterglow release, we have Frenemy Fix-Up which is by Yahrah St. John. Just looking at this cover, I’m ready to drop everything and read this one but the premise is just as amazing. This one follows Shay and Collin who knew each other in high school and they reconnect as Collin’s trying to get healthy since she owns a yoga studio. They’re not each other’s biggest fans which sounds like a recipe for love.

The Devil in Blue
The Devil in Blue Jeans by Stacey Kennedy. Image Courtesy of Harlequin. /

4. The Devil In Blue Jeans by Stacey Kennedy (Feb. 20, 2024)

The final release we have info about is The Devil in Blue Jeans which is about Charly who moves to Montana to run a bar with her two best friends. It’s fine until Charly gets on the wrong side of the previous owner, Jaxon and the temptation is there for much more than a few cocktails. As I said with all of these, I’m sure excited for these and this one sounds like a lot of fun. It also seems like a different type of cowboy romance which is always nice.

Afterglow Books will start releasing books in January 2024. 

What do you think about this new Harlequin imprint, my fellow romance readers? Personally, I’m incredibly excited for it and I know I’m going to be checking all of these titles out.

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